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Q&A WEDNESDAY – 12/02/09

I was going to post a few questions but if everyone doesn’t mind… I have my own question that I would really love to get your feedback with!!

How do you get it all done and stay organized? And I’m not just talking the business, I’m talking the whole entire balancing act!! I know it’s the busy time and just as the phrase may or may not hint… That means I will be more busy then usual (duh me!). But I want to know if you have found any helpful hints, tricks, secrets, magic spells… PLEASE SHARE!
Between shoots, editing (and that the biggest part of the pie), print and album orders, the kids, a great hubby (who is often waiting for me to finish “just one more thing”, social engagements, doctors appointments, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, and unfortunately being required to fit in sleep at some point… I’m struggling. Mainly because there just isn’t enough time to do it all right now and the very last thing I want or am willing to do is neglect my family. Add to that trying to keep up with this blog and well my plate is over flowing. The thing is, although I do want to take less clients (and have already put everything in motion to do that) I don’t want to stop doing any of what I’m doing. Except the cleaning, and that is being taken care of now so I do get to at least take the deep cleaning off the “to do list”.

So I’m putting the question out here… How do you keep things in balance?
(yes, after running up stairs to check a date I returned to that… All I could do was laugh, oh yes! And buy a fridge lock!)


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