PS Hot Keys for mac

You know how I’ve learned Hot Keys? By watching some tutorial and being like… ‘Wait!? What?! How’d they do that.’ I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that’s just not the easiest or most efficient way to learn em’.
Then the other day I was looking through old forum posts on napcp (seriously I learn so much over there!) and came across this awesome help tool from Diana, the Designer for napcp. With her permission, I am very excited to share them with our Go{4}Pro peeps. Feel free to print these little gems out and keep em’ next to your desktop till hot keys become second nature.

And I have to add one of my favorites; Command + J = Creates new duplicate layer
Stay tuned because tomorrow our inspire me photographer just happens to be amazingly awesome and she might just have a special surprise for Go{4}Pro!!


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