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NAPCP – Membership Drive!

It’s no secret that I’m really proud to be a member of napcp. It’s new it’s fresh and it’s only going up. Already I’ve seen the benefits of being a member. Mainly through the incredible knowledge of the photographers in the forum who are already where I dream of being. I have also LOVED the vendor discounts and used enough of those just to pay for my membership! The very best part of napcp… What gets me the most excited is that The National Association of Professional Children’s Photographers is only just getting started. Were still brand new and I’m so excited to say that I was a part of it in it’s infant stages. The napcp is only going to go up – way UP!

Write now napcp is holding it’s first membership drive from December 1st – 31st, 2009. Join NOW and save $25 off your membership fee. And if you join before December 31st you will be forever known as a charter member.
P.S. I feel very cool to say, ‘Oh yes. I’m a charter member of NAPCP!’ 😉 Come be cool with me! And when you join make sure you let Alice know that you heard of NAPCP from Go{4}Pro!
And as if you need any more reason then that to join… There are awesome prizes!! Like today all those who become members are eligible fir a Shootsac drawing!


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