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And the winner is….

First… I have to say something. To all of you who play and mention ‘I’ve never won anything’, I want you to know, I feel your pain! I seem to be on the same boat, and since I can’t enter my own drawings I often stand on the sidelines jealously chanting naughty things (I’m kidding about that last part). We will keep hosting fun giveaways, you keep on trying. The odds are in our favor, right? I’m rooting for you first timers!!
Now to announce our winner… Why do I keep putting pictures up of our winners? Because I dream of being a winner too and seeing my name on someone else’s blog giveaway and getting to jump up and down and be gleeful because I’m the big winner for once! Until it’s my turn… Let me tell you who’s turn it is on Go{4}Pro…
Congratulations Clair!

You are our winner of a very fun and cool camera strap from The Personalized Touch!!
Email me to coordinate for your prize!
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