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Bakerella – Tantalizing Photo Treats

Have you seen this blog before? I just stumbled upon it and I must say I’m dying to try out some of these delicious treats! These cake pops are just so sink’n adorable, I can’t wait to try one of the clever themes out myself. And that’s really saying something, I hate baking. Something about following a recipe exactly, always leaves me wishing I’d read the directions a little more carefully! When I stumbled on the blog I immediately thought of my friend Angie (you know that one friend you have who is just amazing at making things beautiful) and how she needs to see this blog because she could create these… But then the more I looked the more I thought, ‘hey! maybe I could even swing a few of these!’ Go take a look at the fabulous photography, recipes and all over tantalizing eye candy from Bakerella. If you try a recipe, we want to see! Send us a picture!!
And… I know – you – just like me immediately thought photography, here is a post I found on just such a topic! All I gotta say is – these insanely talented food artists who are also insanely talented food photographers and then they claim they don’t know a thing… what’s up with that? It’s making me feel bad. 😉



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