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A New Addition to Go{4}Pro!

I’m so excited… She made me wait, she said I couldn’t tell – and I kept it in – but today I get to announce a new writer for Go{4}Pro who just happens to be a dear friend as well!

Noelle Reynolds Photography has been in the works for years now but only recently has it been able to launch.  Photographer Noelle Reynolds found her love of photography when she was 15 in her photography class.  She went on to become her high school’s yearbook photo editor and after graduating got a job with Lifetouch, taking school portraits.  Years later, getting married, having three adorable kiddos she is finally open for business in The Utah area.
When Noelle emailed me and told me she was wanting to start her business I couldn’t have been happier!! Noelle has a gift! Blessed with an artist’s eye and a technical savvy mind. Her work which will be gracing the blog frequently will speak for itself!
What I want to tell you about though, is why Noelle will be such a great addition… The two of us, we’re peas in a pod. I met her while living in Hawaii at BYU. We clicked immediately. She’s one of those amazing people who in genuinely aware and she cares about what she sees. She will bring you a diaper when you realize you just stripped the very last one off your baby. She’ll take your kids just because she knows your having a hard day and she’s always up to have fun with the girls!
What’s more – I’ve always loved reading Noelle’s clever, witty and sometimes frank family blog and it was with that in mind and her amazing research on just about everything photography and just plain the honest fact that I was taking on too much and in perfect Noelle fashion she showed up just when I needed her, I knew I wanted her here with me! Noelle is the genuine article and I’m so thrilled to have her writing with me at Go{4}Pro!



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