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The Pretty Factor – The Power of Packaging

I am a sucker for pretty in the worst way! I love great packaging and have been know to spend quite a bit more then necessary because of that pretty factor.
Packaging has the power to evoke emotions and because of this little recognized fact many have bought more (and even less) just because of the packaging. To start lets use these two soaps to illustrate my point. On the left we have Softsoap, it’s the bargain brand – about $2 a bottle. Right off I know can buy it just about anywhere. It’s sensible, it’s plain, it’s practical. Sorry softsoap (you still serve your purpose hiding in my PB soap dispensers), but lets face it there is a reason you don’t get to stay in that original packaging. Now Lucia Organics on the other hand – right from the start this packaging evokes emotion for me. It’s luxurious and beautiful. The bottle is sleek and contemporary. And a thought pops in my head, this comes from one of those cool boutique’s down town that I can never enter because of three unpredictable kiddo’s, but if I had it… People would thing I hung out down there. It seems to scream at me, ‘what’s inside this full sized figure is a lot better then you’re gonna get from that sherbet orange thing- I’m the real deal and I’m worth it.’

Maybe this feels slightly exaggerated to some of you, but for others, your feeling exactly what the soap is dish’n out. 

Here is another company. We’ve already talked about multiple times. I have to say it – it serves as a great example. Even if you have never actually been inside Tiffany & Co. you know what to expect – that’s well branded. Our first reference was it the simplicity of it’s logo. Yesterday Noelle talked about it’s signature branding (Fact: The Tiffany Blue color is protected as a color trademark by Tiffany & Co. The color is produced as a private custom color by Pantone, with PMS number 1837, deriving from the year of Tiffany’s foundation.) And as a reference to packaging I want to point out how streamlined everything is. From the store front to the website, packaging and product, it’s all in perfect coordination. 

I just shipped this beauty off today. When I sat down to design it, it was with this client in mind. I incorporated their wedding colors, keeping a romantic undertone for the back drop and obviously went for a high quality feel. I wanted to offer their disks in a keepsake where they would be reminded of the quality and excellence that I strive to offer. This case and the disks inside will serve as a reminder of the excellent experience they had with me, and when they show it to friends and family it will give them one more thing to oooh and awe over! Bringing their thoughts back to LRP.

What I used: CD Case: WHCC, Disk & Case Design: My Own, CD Labels: Avery 8960

What if you’re thinking, but I don’t have a budget for packaging. Packaging should be part of your COGS (cost of goods sold). I know exactly how much each box, ribbon length, tissue paper and every other miscellaneous embellishment costs. I calculated each of these so that I know what my actual cost is and from there I can determine a profitable pricing structure. At first I couldn’t afford to buy in bulk so I purchased the packaging offered from WHCC since that is who I do my printing with. But as I grew I was able to buy from the source and drastically cut my COGS down even with customizing it to my own style. But however I was obtaining my packaging, it was built into the price of the product!

Some quick thoughts:
1. Always try to keep your COGS as low as possible because thats more profit for you.
2. Keep things simple and streamlined to match your styles and theme.
3. That finishing touch with HOW your clients prints or CD’s were presented will make an impact!
4. Plan it out before you go spend a fortune on filly’s!
5. And Friday’s Post will make this a snap too!

Tomorrow we will showcase the packaging from 4 photographers & where to go for the deals!


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