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Inspiring Me with Packaging

With out inspiration, I’m like a kid stuck in the candy shop. Stuck because I just don’t know what to choose? Am I in the mood for chocolate or tart, chewy or soft. I need the grown up to come over and say you can choose something from THIS section and then finally it seems I can make up my mind. Designing is no different! I can spend hours (easily) just trying to create the concept but once I’ve got it, it takes relatively little time to orchestrate. With that in mind here are some fabulous packaging ideas, shared by talented fellow photographers. Thank you so much Ladies for your willingness to share your creations with us! I know my mind is already reeling with possibilities!
Product Guide: I wrap in red wrapping paper from Kmart. The ribbon is simple satin ribbon from Wal Mart. I also wanted to convey a more upscale look so I chose to use real satin ribbon instead of curling ribbon. The little tags are hang tags from 48 hour printPortrait care and copyright info are actually on the same card. Just a pearl flat press printed card from WHCCWallet tins are from containerandpackaging.comThe stickers on the tins are wallet stickers from ACI. All of this gets tucked in a bag….again from Wal Mart and fluffed with purple tissue from the Dollar Store. I also add another hang tag and sometimes, as you see here, I include a little key chain with an image from the session. I love my packaging because I can get so much of the stuff locally and don’t have to keep a large inventory. However, I am looking into Nashville Wraps as a bulk supplier for my ribbon, paper, tissue and bags.
Products Used: Red boxes/envelopes – Paper Source

Business cards – WHCC:  |  Aqua ribbon and Natural wrapping paper – Michael’s:  |  Stickers – Moo:

Caroline Ghetes Photography
For all the materials used by Caroline you may purchase a resource list HERE.

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Tomorrow is the day! All your woes will be over, life will become simpler, food will have more flavor, colors will be brighter… What can I say, I’m really (really) excited! I have been working so hard for so long and I’ve tried to think of everything possible that I could get my brain to conceive. Now let’s just hope I can have it all ready for you by Friday morning! I’m glad I’ve already told you about it… Because now I feel the pressure (in a good one).


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    i love all the designs that you’ve done! what an ARTIST! great job and thank you for posting this!!

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