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The Photographers Everything Ultimate Marketing Kit!

I’m so excited, it’s here!! It’s finally time to unveil what I’ve been working so hard on! Noelle only just saw it for the first time late yesterday afternoon as I was still finishing last minute templates that I thought would be helpful! I designed this kit with the idea of having one marketing kit that had absolutely EVERYTHING you may want or eventually want as your buiseness grows! I tried to think of not just the common stuff but fun stuff and useful stuff as well. I included cool stuff to use those Free everything Vistaprint emails on (if you don’t get those emails just google it) like a pen, note pad for when you want to add a quick thought with your contracts, business card magnets for your clients to keep on the fridge and a car magnet to promote on the {Go}. There is a mini moo card that works great as a business card and even better as a tag off of your print boxes! And five through ten are straight templates with out text so that you can say exactly what you need to! 

This Go{4}Pro ultimate everything marketing kit has 26 different fully layered psd files. (actually more since with the WHCC cd case I created it as a double and a single and the portrait box is vertical and horizontal.) 

The kit is meant to be customied and I highly encourage you do so! Not your color palet? I planned for that, everything has clipping masks and is currently clipped in so that you can remove, alter and adjust to fit your buisness needs! 

I recomend finding a paper from that fits your style, logo and branding vision and then implement it throughout! We love Sassy Designs and know you will find exactly what you want, and you’re gonna do that usually for under $4!                                     

Everything comes as a fully layered PDS file…     In fact in only a couple minutes I created these other 3 label cards (using digital papers from sassy-designs) by just clipping a new paper in and changing some colors and fonts. The possibilities really are endless! Because of this these templates are not area code restricted! However I would encourage you to research out your market! You don’t want to be the third photographer in your town sporting kelly green and black!                                                                                        
Once you have your oh so incredible awesome kit we want to see what you do with it!! Share what you come up with and inspire us on our new FLIKR GROUP PAGE! 

Are you excited yet? Even watching the clock hit 2am for my 4th night in a row, I’m super excited!! I know this fun cross between Retro and Modern will give you just what you need to implement all of the great ideas you came up with over the course of our Build the Biz week. I can’t wait to implement my new designs and get them printed!! 
I want to see your twist on the kit and your finished products too, thats why I created the Go{4}Pro FLIKR GROUP page!  

To Purchase!

These templates are for your use and sales with in your own business. Never to be shared, resold or redistributed in any way. When showing final printed examples with in the photography community sourcing is appreciated! Thank you for respecting my hard work. 

Do to the nature of the product there will be no refunds so please try the FREE Love template download to make sure everything is compatible! 

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This kit is currently not an instant download, I will email you the link as soon as possible!

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