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Then, than if you care stop reading!

Dear Anonymous!
I’m sorry that I have annoyed you with my unsuccessful attempts at proper grammar and spelling.  And lucky you… The comment did ruffle my feathers so let me give you some food for thought! 
Am I a terrible speller? YES! Do I know it? YES! Are you the first to be annoyed by it? NOT EVEN CLOSE! It drives my hubby crazy and I have dear friends who send me sweet emails helping me out so that I can correct my errors all the time (please keeping sending those – I really appreciate it and always correct the error). I am painfully aware of my misuse of words, please don’t think for one minute that I don’t feel like a complete idiot each time it’s brought to my attention – I do! I know what you are thinking, ‘learn the correct context.’ Believe me I’ve tried! Each time I write a then/than, their/there I wonder if I have it right, I think over the rule (they are memorized) and hope I got it right. To my dismay – 80% of the time (and you may feel that number should be higher) I still have it wrong. 
My vocabulary is extensive… Would you like to know why? I learned all of these really elaborate and difficult words in grade school so that I could avoid ever having to use those words that seem so elementary and simple to you, because for whatever reason they just don’t want to make sense in my brain. I’d hoped that an exhaustive vocabulary would help me avoid ever needing to use certain words that left me feeling embarrassed and vulnerable. I had abandoned writing that way because I thought that grownups were not as cruel as kids and this blog is just me talking to 1000 of my friends each day. And lets face it I can’t spell the big words correctly either. I just know how to use them.
Now as for as my success and this blog. This blog is here for one reason because I enjoy sharing! The only success that comes from this blog is in knowing that people appreciate it. I created it when I started my journey as a photographer. I had no clue how to find what I needed to know. So I searched and each time I found some new little thing (and I mean little) I was blown away and couldn’t believe how incredibly amazing that morsel of knowledge was…. My poor hubby would be woken up at 2 am because I just found the coolest (insert some something here) ever! He didn’t really get excited the way I wanted him to – although I have no idea why? So I created a blog to pass these cool tips, tricks and anything else I’ve found or thought up with other photographers. I just knew more people like me existed who would get excited, jump up and down and shriek with excitement like when you’re 14 and you call a boy to ask him some methodically thought out question (like, ‘do you know what the homework assignment is’) and he says, ‘no problem, see you tomorrow’ at the end.  I would have shrieked, twisted, twirled and flipped to have found a blog like this when I was first trying to make sense of it all. 
I’m sorry that the grammar is atrocious to you. I often write posts in the very early morning hours and sleep depravation does not aid to my recognition of proper grammar context. If I needed to wait to have each thing proofed for a blog that I provide only for the joy of sharing you may never see a post again. 
So let me tell you the honest truth on your “not wanting to be rude”. I looked on my phone just as I pulled in the garage and saw that I had a new comment (I always get really excited when I get them!) As soon as I read it my face went bright red with embarrassment. It was like 2nd grade all over again when I would tell the kids in reading circle that I was just going to read it in my head because I’m such a fast silent reader when the honest truth was that I didn’t want the kids to make fun of me. I immediately bolted up the stairs and into my office to correct the error. I thought maybe I could erase your comment fast enough and take the loss that maybe only a couple people saw it. Oh. But the comment festered in my head and the reality is, your not the first or the last to notice. And even more so, I’m not in second grade anymore, and the errors probably won’t stop. I don’t have to cower and feel ashamed like the little girl in me was shouting to do – I can stand up to you and tell you how you made me feel.

A new ping sounded and I dreaded reading the comment, what if someone else was chiming in to agree with Anonymous? I read it and tears started streaming down my face – so THANK YOU so much Carrie you have no idea how much I needed you at that moment, as well as everyone else who has added your 2 cents. 
I am just a girl who loves photography and business and I enjoy sharing my journey with others. It’s not here to make money or get me famous or bring me success. I don’t claim to know everything or any direction close to it. Go{4}Pro is just me documenting and sharing my journey as I go for pro! And make no mistake – I will and am!
P.P.S I managed to write this entire post with out ever using then/than  or there/their.
For those confused, this is in response to a comment on the last post: “i don’t want to be rude, but i think it would help you be more successful if you worked on basic spelling and grammar. although your content is generally informative and helpful, i am annoyed at least once per post at your lack of elementary knowledge. for example, your post title should read “inspires in less THAN two minutes.” food for thought. 



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