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It is what it is. (And a tutorial for using textures)

Just wanted to say thank you for the comments and the emails. You bolstered me, I’m better and now I’m past it. I may rant rave and cry but I also get over it as fast as I’m fired up about it. (Usually 😉 It’s all just part of being a passionate person I guess?! I said what I wanted to say and felt proud to have done so. Each of us has our something that can open up an old wound. This (apparently) was one of those for me. No,  you don’t have to fret that I’m going to quit writing. Errors and all it’s still coming at ya’ – it’s just not it me to quit!  I seriously don’t seem to know how! And honestly, I really love to share!! 

I understand that sometimes you forget when you’re reading a computer screen or watching TV or maybe yelling at the car that just cut you off that it’s a real person inside that box. A heart that beats with genuine feelings, troubles, anxieties and joy is sitting behind that screen. We all deserve respect. It’s a great reminder for all of us. You have done it, I have done it – we’ve all lodged our foot right into our mouthes. Two days ago I mentioned how I feel that you can learn from anything, here is a prime example. Even the negative (may it be a small blog comment or a huge ache in the soul) can turn out to be a good thing!

Okay. moving on…

After the Free Texture Post from last week, I got a few emails asking how to use textures. Here is a great tutorial to show you just that. Thanks to Jodi of MCP Actions! 



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