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Inspire Me Friday Interview #9} Shellie of This’n’That Photography

After lazily pursuing a degree in Education and as many art related classes as she could squeeze into her schedule Shellie Secretan of  This N That Photography decided to take a break without graduating, to  become a full time mother of 4 tries for a girl (otherwise known as 4  boys).  She had always longed for a camera with a “zoom”, and one day  decided she was never going to be able to buy one, so she used her  airmiles points that she had been saving for a trip somewhere to get  her first film slr. Shellie was surprised to find that having an  expensive camera did not equal wonderful pictures, and in an attempt  to find out why, fell into an obsession with photography, and learning  about photography, that has lasted far longer than her university  career.  Shellie has had a photography business working primarily with  studio lights in her home studio for almost 5 years, and specializes  in Children’s photography. There is nothing like a fantastic newborn image to really get your heart swooning and Shellie has got fantastic down to a very spectacular art form! 

As if her amazing work isn’t enough of a contribution to the photography world… Shellie has recently started another venture, ALL THINGS BABY. ATB is a brand spank’n new blog for baby photographers! You’ll find a sponsor link to her blog on our side bar, so go book mark it and check it out! Okay, lets get to know Shellie better!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Whats in the bag?
Nikon D3
50 1.4
24-70 2.8
105 2.8

70-200 2.8

Where in the world are you?
I live in Canada because I married a Canadian, but I am a transplanted American, I am from Washington state originally.

If you’re not with your camera where are you?

It might surprise most people to know that my biggest hobby is reading, not photography, which is only surprising if you know how much I love photography, that will tell you how much I LOVE reading.  

What are you reading write now?
some trashy book- I love to read, and call my self a book tramp, I will read anything, any time, any where.  i frequently read the cereal box while I am eating breakfast- I can’t stand to be sitting and not reading.

Best photography or business book you’ve read?
Oh- this is my one area I don’t go- I can’t stand to be educated by reading- no self help books please- I just wat to be entertained!

Favorite TV Show?
My favorite tv shows are Survivor, Glee and 30 Rock.

How do you keep business and family separate?

That’s hard!!  I am constantly re evaluating this again and again.  I TRY to only work while my youngest is in kindergarten, but I am typing this while he is home!  I guess I do my best, and because I never think it is ok to spend all my time working, I am always making a conscious effort to not work when they are around ( I frequently fail though!)  I work from my home instead of a studio because I want to be able to be home as much as possible.

How would you spend your ideal Friday night?
Relaxing with my honey- watching a movies, eating blizzards and popcorn.

Favorite Vender?  

That’s hard too- probably willow paper works in canada, I love their cards and love not having to have it shipped from the states.

Whats your best marketing idea? 

Making sure that my clients have something they can easily show their friends.

What inspired you to start All Things Baby?

I had wanted to do something educational for a while, but couldn’t decide what I had time for around the business and the children,  starting the All Things Baby Blog occurred to me in pieces, one day I thought this was a good idea, the next day that, then one day, I just thought of doing a blog, and that stuck.  I am lucky enough to “know” through forums  a lot of wonderful newborn photographers, who were nice enough to allow me to feature them.  They are all my inspiration, and it will be fun introducing them to our readers.  There are a lot of wonderful people who make props out there and I wanted a way to showcase them as well, so that’s how the blog started. I am overwhelmed at how amazing the response has been.  It is wonderful!

I am really excited to welcome Shelli and her new blog, ALL THINGS BABY to Go{4}Pro! What a wonderful asset for the newborn photography community. I know I’ll be checking in on the blog regularly!!



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