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New Go{4}Pro Flickr Topic} CONSTRUCTIVE criticism

I love that as photographers we can build a community and help each other grow! I thought it might be nice to offer a safe, less intimidation option for receiving cc. I know many of the forums can be brutal and since I know we have a lot of very new photographers reading Go{4}Pro and I thought this might be a nice alternative. You may be fresh on your first set of business cards or just honing already established skills, I created a Flickr group under Go{4}Pro for anyone who’s ready for fresh opinions!

Feedback really is critical to growth and it gives you a fresh perspective to see how you can be even better! It can sting a little too because of course our work is a very personal thing, it’s OUR ART WORK. And just like when you were 7 and someone made fun of your drawing so it can hurt just as bad as a grown up too!

I got ripped apart the first time I ever asked for CC and it took me a week to recover (at least). So please keep it honest (false compliments don’t encourage growth) but also keep it kind and supportive. Whether we know it or not, we need each other! 

And just for fun… Here is my favorite image from my very first paying session… 

and my favorite image from my latest!

I’m actually feeling  a bit nervous that you won’t see a difference. Oh well, I’ll still put it out there. Go post a photo, offer some feedback and let’s help one another improve!



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