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Free Studio Management Software by StudioCloud

I have been telling myself to get organized for a year now! Seriously each month I have a little talking to with myself and I say, ‘Leah! “A house of order”. You have GOT TO know whats going on in your own stink’n business. Stop loosing scribbled client notes, stop frantically trying to find that one thing! STOP and get it all organized.” That’s what I say (in one way or another) at the start of each month but it’s not what I’ve done. And it’s been bugging me.. A LOT!

Well just this last week I found the most fantastic thing (once again thanks to napcp – have I mentioned that I LOVE them!!) and I’m happy to report that organization has commenced! It’s called Studio Cloud and it’s a free business management software for photogs! Oh, yes! I said free!! (holla.)

So now I’m getting all my clients, vendors and affiliates input into my management system as well as keeping track of my book keeping, sales and projects. I can even check the weather while I’m in there to see if my shoot going to be sunned or rained. It’s seriously awesome thus far and I knew others would be loving the chance to get organized as well! So go check out Studio Cloud and create order and find your happy place too! 



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