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The Fundamentals of Posing – Video

I admit this is outdated for sure but the fundamentals of posing are so important and so lost to many photographers who have no formal training (understandably so). When I started on thisjourney, I knew nothing about posing and so found myself on many occasion scrambling for an idea. As fun as I’m sure that sounds, after a few brain bumbled moments I decided I’d better find a crash course on posing. If you have the basic poses memorized then you’ll never be at a lost for how to position your subject. Just pick a pose and adapt it to make it your own! It’s important to note that there are feminine and masculine posing and although they may be similar in nature they are worlds apart. After all, you don’t want your male subject with dainty hands nor do you want your female subject looking more like a lumber jack then a lady! If you’re new to traditional posing, use this video as a jumping off point! 

I think eventually I would like to make a video myself showing the feminine and masculine versions. Any model volunteers? 😉

Here is another post that might be a good reference for the fundamentals of posing.



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