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All Work and No Play

Makes Noelle a dull girl.
When I was contemplating photography as a profession I noticed a lot of newer photographers stopped blogging on their family blog.  I even talked to my photographer friend who said she gets so burnt out shooting other people’s kids she doesn’t want to photograph her own.  I thought that was very sad, she knew it too and that’s why we were talking.  Ever since going professional I have noticed that I too don’t take as many pictures of my own kids and it’s gotten me thinking.  Now I absolutely LOVE what I do and I’m no where near hating the fact that I took something that I love and made it a profession but I realized I wasn’t shooting for myself like I used to.  So I went out the other day and sat on my porch swing photographing the humming birds that came to my feeder.  Photography and Humming birds are two things I will never get tired of.  So to put them together makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. 🙂
Then of course my kids Drew, Brody and Alia.  All three were outside playing as I was editing, don’t worry they are safe, and my oldest daughter Drew came inside and said,”Mom!  Come take a picture of us!”  I wanted to say ‘in a minute’ but she was so excited I didn’t want to disappoint her.  I immediately got my camera went out to find them posed like this.  If I had said ‘in a minute’ I would’ve missed it!  I think Drew situated them too!  She loves that I’m a photographer and I think she’s getting an eye for it.

These are the things I loved to photograph when I was just doing this as a hobby.  Even though my job makes me happy why stop photographing the things that truly make me happy?  We need to remember to take time out of our busy schedule to make time for ourselves.  If we do so it’s less likely you’ll be caught in a rut in your career.  By taking time out for ourselves and having our own personal photography assignment it will help us artistically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.  I challenge you to give it a try and if you want to share your final projects email it to us.  We’d love to share it on Go{4} Pro.


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