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ITALIANISSIMO – Shooting for yourself, Silvana Style.

Following Noelle’s post yesterday, we wanted to share with you an incredible example of shooting for yourself by the incredible Silvana Frammartino that we got to watch with her at WPPI.

From Silvana: So the story behind this video…..back in April of 2009 I decided at the last minute to hop on a plane and document Italy. I had the itch. It had been over 10 years since I last had photographed Italy, and that was entirely on film! I travelled Italy from top to bottom in just 9 days, so I did not stay in one location for too long. When I returned to Toronto, I immediately dove into my busy wedding season, and so my Italy images hibernated on my computer for almost a year! I was not even able to look at them! One month before WPPI Vegas, I decided to show some of my personal work in my class, and so, I sat down and really viewed them all for the first time. This is what I put together.

This slideshow is composed entirely of still images, no video!!



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