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I need some inspiration … Please share! (Link updated)

There is so much going on right now on this end of the computer screen! As some of you know from the facebook fan page, I just designed a new logo for Go{4}Pro and that’s to go along with the new website that will be launching soon! I have teamed up with the incredible Kimtown to design and create a whole new look for Go{4}Pro and I can’t wait to reveal it!!

At the same time I’m working on finalizing things for the workshop. And it just keep getting better and better. With thousands of dollars in giveaways and a fabulous swag bag, everyone is going to go home happy-happy! And as I finalize content, I just get more and more excited about how much info I get to share. One of the parts I’m so excited for is generating new business. I have some incredible ideas to share that cost no money and bring in huge (and I mean HUGE) business leads!! I can’t wait to watch everyone light up like Christmas trees when they realize just how incredible the potential is with just one of these marketing and advertising techniques, let alone many to choose from! Add to that an in depth look into how to maintain lifetime customers who can’t stop talking about you and can’t wait to spend money with you and it’s going to be an incredible weekend of awesomeness. Yes, I’m totally bragging about my own workshop. Where oh where are my manners? I can’t help it, it really is going to be fantastic. I don’t care if you started your business yesterday or if you’ve been in business for 20 years – your business will improve on all fronts (marketing, pricing, sales, leads, referrals, setting yourself apart and so much more) with this workshop. There are only FOUR THREE spots left! We’re keeping it personal. I want to be able to encourage open dialogue where we can work through real life situations on the spot and give you real time solutions! In case you missed it, I’m super excited! Don’t miss your chance to turn your business into exactly what you want it to be! Go sign up today!

Last… I’d love to pick your brain! I think it’s really important to learn from your client base. After all, they are who sustain you. It’s pretty critical that you’re making them happy. Well in this case I feel a little more like Mike Rowe with dirty jobs because I would really love your input and thoughts about Go{4}Pro. Writing 5 posts a week can leave me lacking in the inspiration department and I’d love if I could borrow a little of your brain power to help me out. After all, I bet you have an opinion on what you do and don’t like to see on a blog. And I really want to here about it! So I’ve created a survey. It’s only 10 questions long I would really appreciate your input!

Did I really forget to put the link in for the survey! That’s what happens when I write posts after 1am! Thank you so much for trying to find it!! Well I’m feeling really smart to start off this morning. lol.

I hope you have a great weekend and I want to say thank you for being part of the inspiration for my journey!



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