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New guest Judge with more prizes!

We had a white Thanksgiving which is incredible for our part of the world. You just don’t get white Thanksgiving’s in Seattle or Portland. It was so beautiful and added an extra special sense of warmth to the day somehow. Everything about the weekend was fabulous except one thing… Each night I had nightmares that people were emailing me – yelling at me – needing things from me. I’d wake up completely freaking out each night, panicked about all the stuff I needed to get done. That was not so fun and I could have certainly gone with out the poor night sleep… I don’t know if I even want to know what that means as I think it’s probably pretty self explanatory. Ugh.

We got home late last night after having a wonderful opportunity to just relax and enjoy time with one another as well as our extended family and friends. It wasn’t perfect, but it was ours and that’s enough for me! I’d planned to read a book (that wasn’s about business) over the long weekend. I’m having a bunch of girls over to see ‘Eat Love Pray’ and figured since I started this whole thing I should probably read it… but I only made it to page 14 now that I’m home, I don’t know if I stand a chance of reading it anymore. I’ll just have to stay optimistic! So that’s what’s up with me… Now let’s talk about THE CONTEST!!

Jessica Greives who writes the blog Hey girl, Nice Shot is going to be joining in on the about me page contest fun as one of our guest judges and she’s even offered to sweeten up the prize pack!! Jessica is adding in her own Photographer’s Kick Start Training Guide (value of $299)

Are you brainstorming and working on your self portrait? I’ll give a little surprise download to the first 10 people who submit their self portrait and blog post for the contest!!



  1. jamie says:

    I’m working on it, but you can’t hurry ART!!! lol…

  2. Ashlee says:

    Lucky you with a white Thanksgiving! 🙂

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