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Christmas Gifts FROM the Photographer

If you’re like me you take care of the family portraits for everyone in your extended family and all your nearest and dearest friends… Well now that it’s Christmas time we have an awesome opportunity to give something unique and fabulous that you know they don’t have! I decided to go searching for some of the coolest personalized photo gifts I could muster, both for him and her!

For Him:

1. Gelaskins – Custom Skins for just about any electronic devise

2. Custom Photo Cufflinks

3. Pinhole Press Framed Calendar

4. Pinhole Press List Pad

5. Sharper Image – Digital Frame

6. Planet Jill – Money Clip

For Her:

7. Pinhole Press Notepad

8. Planet Jill – Jewelry

9. Minted Poppy Calender

10. Pinhole Press Planner

11. iPhone, iTouch Case

12. Create Personal ‘Mommy Cards‘ with photo on back



  1. brooke V says:

    the mommy calling card is about the coolest thing ever!

you said:

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