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Video : Customizing a Mad Mimi Newsletter Promotion

One common question and concern brought up by Go{4}Pro Readers is, ‘will I be able to use it?’ when looking at new products.  We’re all at different skill levels with Photoshop and nobody wants to excitedly jump into a new marketing campaign only to find out they’re in over their head!

I’m really excited to ease all those concerns by offering the video how to’s. You can watch and see how easy it is to customize The Newsletter Templates in Photoshop while I demonstrate using clipping masks and color overlays in Part 1…

… And then watch me bring those completed newsletter pieces from the template into Mad Mimi where I will create a Monthly Newsletter Promotion.

Now that you know YOU CAN customize The Newsletter Templates go ahead and PURCHASE THEM!



  1. Erica Marten says:

    Hi Leah,

    This video for customizing your newsletter is awesome. I realized once I saw your newsletter that I was doing a couple things wrong. This will really help me. I’m going to start working on my newsletter for next month now that I’ve seen this.

  2. Thanks for this…I love mad mimi! I’ve been using it for a while {switched from mailchimp} but couldn’t figure out how you did the 3 circles in a row with separate links….the video explained it great! Love your site….always an inspiration~

  3. Mary Boyd says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! It’s always a huge help!

  4. cristina says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. It helped so much!

  5. Love the idea of this!

you said:

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