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Best of WPPI Tradeshow 2011

I have so much to share with you all… I feel as if there are so many ideas and thoughts in my head that I couldn’t even make a decision on where to start! I reasoned that I would start by sharing some of my favorite finds on the WPPI 2011 tradeshow floor. As I walked around, I took some fast snapshots so that I could show you some of my favorite finds of this year.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Which one is your favorite, anything you can’t live without or are already raving about yourself?

Must See's of WPPI 2011 Tradeshow

WPPI 2011 Pictures

1. The Shootsac … A clever, comfortable way to keep multiple lenses on your side while shooting.

2. Simply Color Lab’s take on fun custom shaped press printed products.

3. NILMDTS, because service is always chic and I’ve been blessed as a NILMDTS photographer!

4. I love my Kelly Moore Hobo Bag and was seeing several new styles (like the Posey) that had my eye!

5. I thought these  fish scale backdrops from Pro Photo Connect were really fun and very affordable!

6. Forbeyon Albums are serious eye candy with beautiful custom album boxes to boot!

7. Rice Studio Supplies is where I get my canvas bags and wallet purses from, love their quality!

8. Riley G showed off their rock’n line of impressively made funkylicious camera straps.

9. 3 D Photographs! An artist at The Levin Company masterfully layers the image one over the other to create a stunning 3D photograph.

10. Circular Prints by Simply Color Lab… And to make it even cooler, they teamed up with Wild Sorbet to offer some incredible framing options!

11. If I were a wedding photographer, without question I would give each client an iPad with their album… You’d never have trouble getting the groom on board again! I was super impressed with White Glove Edition Books and their Fusion Album Line!

12. Drop it Modern is at is again, giving us way to many gorgeous backdrops to ooh and owe over, right now I’m seriously drooling over the new peacock drop (middle)!

(I’ll share with you my own behind the scenes fun from WPPI in my next post!)



  1. It was my first time going, I will have to link your post to my post on WPPi,,,this is some good product eye candy! There is just so much to take in!
    I bought one of those Riley G camera straps and it is as comfortable as it is cute.

  2. Morgan says:

    Oh my gosh! I am in LOVE with those fish scale backdrops. So so fun. And of course Drop it Modern. Love all of their stuff. Looks like you had a great time!

  3. Jenika says:

    Thanks for the fun links and eye candy!

    I have mixed feelings about the Shootsac. I like mine, but it has a few issues. (I did post that review: Overall, it does make it easy to carry gear around, and they have cute covers.

    I love your pic of the Drop it Modern backdrops – they should buy it from you for advertising 😉

    Good to know about Forbeyon albums….how do they compare with Finao and Asuka? Any thoughts on that?

  4. Jenika says:

    Oh, and an idea for a future post might be to discuss NILMDTS in a little more detail. I haven’t done it yet, but it would be nice to hear a first-hand experience, insofar that it wouldn’t compromise the privacy of the families you helped.

  5. Just wanted to say hi and that I love the look of your site! (I found you after doing a google search on photography branding.) Will definitely be back!

    ps – I have that Kelly Moore Hobo Bag in grey and I LOVE it! 🙂


    • Leah Remillet says:

      So great to “meet” you Tabitha! Thank you so much for finding Go{4}Pro and even more so for taking the time to leave me a little blog love! So appreciated!

  6. ps – just saw that you’re a Mormon, what a small world (me too). 🙂

  7. Erica F. says:

    I am considering the Kelly Moore Hobo, I like the blue one you have pictured here, is it the the azure color? I’m torn between this blue one or the mustard (which is on backorder)….any suggestions?

    Love your blogs! 🙂 I think you by far have the best branding colors for your personal photography business, I just love those colors everytime I see them on your page/blog.

    • Leah Remillet says:

      Ah! Thank you Erica!! The mustard is a little more brown then mustard… One of my friends was looking at mine the other day and commented how tan it looks next to all mu mustrad stuff, I thought the blue was really pretty… If you can, go with which ever is more true to your brand colors! Wouldn’t that blue and a mustard yellow make for a gorgeous brand identity?

      • Erica F. says:

        Not a pro, hopefully one day, in that beginning learning phase still! any chance you’ve blogged about your hobo so I can see a true color photo of it?

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