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I had so much fun teaching my branding webinar on Tuesday night and wanted to say thanks again to Francy Pants for the invitation. Every time I get done teaching, may that be through a workshop, the webinar or coaching… I feel completely exhilarated and alive – I positively LOVE to teach! Everytime it leaves me dying to share more! To think that I’ve gotten to inspire someone, well it leaves me giddy every – single – time!

Here’s what a few listeners had to say about the webinar…

I just wanted to contact you and Thank You for your webinar last night!!!!  I LOVED it. This is the area that I absolutely love, but just needed that kick to get to going and make sure what I was doing was right on.  You gave me a more defined direction and helped me to steer clear of a few things I was planning. THANK YOU!  You are amazing with everything that you are doing to help out the photography community!  I love photographers who share.  And I love what you said last night about not being worried about sharing and how no one can completely copy who you are.  I wish more people would take on that perspective.  – Stephanie

Loved it, learned so much and got inspired. Ready to be creative. Thanks Leah!  – Nicole

Wow…attended your webinar earlier today – awesome….
Even though I’m not properly in the photography business yet, the marketing & branding advice will be useful in any business circumstances! Thanks Leah!     – Laura

Hi Leah!  Thank you so much for doing the webinar.  It was very informative and inspiring.  We look forward to developing our brand and getting it going.  – LeighLee

I just attended your webinar!  It was AWESOME!  I learned a lot!   Thank you for letting us pick your brain!  – Chelsea

Hi Leah! I attended your recent branding webinar and was so thrilled to have been an attendee! Your passion for branding design was so evident throughout your
presentation and you left me feeling very inspired. Thanks so much for sharing your talents, Leah!  I hope to work with you soon. - Christa

And because I want to leave you with some inspiration as well…. The above image is one of the slides from the webinar. We talked about 10 Branding Rules… Broken down into 7 that you want to follow and 3 you should avoid!

Number 4: Is about using your brand to create an experience! It sounds simple enough but there is so much to think about in this crucial step. The two images you see are examples of how I set the experience through my brand. On the left you see a dessert case. I found an incredible local bakery and together we created a menu for my clients. They choose a dessert for me to share with them at their ordering appointment. On the right, you see samples of my packaging.

Here is a HUGE hint, if you want to know more about my packaging, sign up for the newsletter. I promised the webinar attendees that I’d send my packaging source list out in the next newsletter installment which will be coming out next week.


A Few Faq’s…

Brand Development – I received a lot of inquiries about brand development coaching. Brand Development Coaching is available with two packages options. If you already have a logo, we can work together in development under the regular consolation investment of $100 per hour. If I have designed or am commissioned to design your logo, brand development is available at an additional investment of $60. With brand development I will help you choose and or design a digital paper or pattern to follow through with your brand, offer custom ideas for creating selling power for your business and create a custom source list for marketing and packaging options to bring your business to life. If you would like to schedule your brand development coaching, just email me.

I’m not sure when I’ll be teaching my next webinar but if you sign up for Go4ProPhotos Newsltter (you can find it on the right banner column write under the typewriter) then I promise you’ll be the first to know!

I’m sorry to say that purchase of video archives from Francy Pants for my webinar is not available. But I think Kelli’s working on it for future speakers.



  1. Olivia C says:

    Hi, Leah! I tried to attend the webinar. However, my computer crashed as I was trying to log in. I eventually ran to a friend’s house and caught the last 20 mintues. Kelli said that you tried to record it, but I haven’t heard yet if that was successful. I’m crossing my fingers that I will get to see the whole presentation. I can only imagine how awesome it was considering how inspired I was just by seeing the last few minutes!

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