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‘Nough Said…

This was sent to me by Bridgett. One of my many many awesome Go{4}Pro readers! Beautiful Bridgett is even cooler because she’s from Australia and that means she has an accent! I am obsessed with accent’s!

Speaking of the land down under and getting to listen to fabulous accents, I am super pumped because Jerry Ghionis is here in Portland to teach a workshop! I’m so excited  (bring on the awesomness!) and  I’m especially looking forward to spending the week with Melissa, Jerry’s fan-tab-ulous new bride, who I just adore.

Yep… I’m ready to be awesome! Off I go!

From ‘How I Met Your Mother‘. I’ve never seen it, but I just might have to start after this!



  1. This is funny! Speaking of Australia, my husband is from there…He has a huge accent but I am used to it…now his friends are another story!

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