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The {Must See} Photography Studio of Kristin Vining

Nestled inside beautiful Charlotte, N.C. you just might be lucky enough to find the  fabulous wedding photographer Kristin Vining and her enchanting studio. As soon as I spotted this studio online, I knew I had to showcase the brilliant photographer behind it. What’s even better was how fantastic Kristin at getting everything for this post ready so quickly for me. Definitely explains answer #1 to Kristin’s Mini Interview! …Enjoy the tour!

On a side note… I won’t be answering emails or taking care of anything till next Tuesday. I get to go enjoy an amazing weekend at the spa with my 3 beautiful sisters. To say I’m excited is my personal understatement of the month! We’re going to a theme park, eating at fabulous restaurants, shopping and getting facials, massages, mani’s and pedi’s. And knowing us… We’ll be laughing till we cry more than once. Oh my goodness – I feel like I’m 6 years old and it’s Christmas Eve. I’m so excited I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep. And all of you on Facebook last night – who laughed when I thought today was Wednesday, know that I need it!

Can you share a little about your business style?
Business style?  OCD!  ha!  Okay, in all seriousness – I am a fast worker.  As a mommy of 4 year old twins and operating two companies, I have learned to master my workflow so that everyone stays balanced and happy.  My typical approach is – photograph the wedding Saturday, Sunday’s are untouchable – they are dedicated to my husband and twinkies, Monday’s I drink lots of coffee while culling images, marrying my work with my 2nd shooter’s, organizing and processing.  On Tuesday’s, my studio manager steps in and starts designing slideshows and storybooks while I begin the blog layout and upload process.  By Thursday, the wedding has posted online and the couple are welcomed back from their honeymoon with a sweet little treat waiting in their inbox reading, “Images Ready!”.  I try to plan my weekday sessions to happen Wed/Thurs/Friday’s.  Of course, on our off-weekends, we’ll shoot any day of the week.  Shooting style?  Clean.  I love crisp, classic and clean imagery.  I love soft skin tones and pretty attire.  I am in love with pink-buttery, natural light and prefer sunrise shooting to sunset.
Will you share a little about the process of designing your studio?
I just turned 37 – can I still say, “Super-duper, Fun!”?  I purchased our space in Uptown Charlotte the same month that I gave birth to my twinks.  I left the walls in its natural cinder block state, but took the two dry walls and had them painted glossy black.  Up until this January it was ‘cool’ space, but I was longing for a “soft, white, clean with a touch of glamour space.”  My girls here in the studio are amazing.  With the help of Lindsey Regan Thorne, Tiffany Ratliff and Liz Connolly, together we started the process.  Lindsey actually has an interior design background so she truly stepped up and started drawing, suggesting and helping me implement what you see now.  We all absolutely adore coming into work and we love seeing the looks on our clients faces when seeing the space for the first time.
What are the benefits and drawbacks to having a studio?
Since the infancy stages of my business, I have always been a proponent of having my own space.  I love the professionalism of a quiet, cozy and comfortable studio when meeting a client for the first time.  I love that my current clients will always know where to find me.  I love that hair and makeup prior to a shoot takes place right here in the studio.  I love having all of our favorite work displayed around for people to enjoy.  Most of all, I love having all of the girls in the studio at the same time.  Amazingly fun times.  Drawbacks?  Truly – I have never looked at studio space as a drawback.  While there is extra overhead, I am still able to keep my pricing competitive with other photographers who are of the same caliber and experience as KVP.
What has been your favorite moment as a professional photographer?
I don’t think I have one favorite moment as much as I have a handful of favorites.  This one in particular definitely stands out in my mind.  Shortly after I was back to shooting from having the twinks, I was photographing the mother/son dance at a reception.  It was the first time I lost it during a dance.  I instantly flash-forwarded 25+ years and envisioned holding my precious, Bray on his wedding day.  The mother of the bride was standing right next to me and saw me choked up (I had to keep the camera square in front of my face b/c I was too embarrassed to let it down).  She took her arms around me and just started loving on me – it was a pretty profound and touching moment.  I still kept pushing the shutter though.  🙂
A few images from the studio reveal soiree…

A huge thank you to the fabulous Kristin Vining for giving wonderful insights into her photography business and sharing her amazing studio with the Go{4}Pro Posse!

Please take a moment to leave a comment here and thank her OR go to her Facebook Wall and leave a comment thanking her for sharing with Go{4}Pro.

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P.S. The awesome portrait of Kristin is by Richard Israel.



  1. tamsen says:

    helloooooo! stunning! i love it and will be incorporating similar things in my office- loads and loads of white and texture! thanks for sharing!

    p.s. i wish i was anywhere near as fast as you with my wedding editing!!! lol

  2. Hi sweet, Leah! Thank you so much for the delicious words…it has been my pleasure working alongside of you on this. THANK YOU and enjoy your Spa Weekend! xo

  3. chesley says:

    kristin hosted justin & mary’s spread the love back in March and I was in LOVE with her space the minute I walked in!! So amazing!!

  4. Alison says:

    What a gorgeous space!! Love her gallery wall!! Have a great time away, I too am headed on vacation from my day job to spend time laughing til it hurts, jumping on the hotel bed with my kids, getting too much sun, not enough sleep, some photography learning and just getting away in general! Much needed!

  5. Tira J says:

    Loving her studio! I think I saw one of those images on Pinterest and nobody knew who the beautiful studio belonged to. So GLAD you found her! She is fabulous! Enjoy your spa weekend, you deserve it.

  6. When can i move in? This is so stinken gorgeous…. Im in love!!

  7. Got to attend the Justin and Mary workshop here in this studio!
    It’s even more lovely in real life!

  8. Killer studio but Kristin is the BEST on so many levels!!!

  9. kelly bauch says:

    I just totally teared up ready the bit about you at the dance and the mom hugging you. And we’re never met! I would completely do the same thing. So real. : )

    Kelly (Austin, tx)

  10. Hi Friends! THANK YOU for all of the kind words on the space. My gratitude to you!! xo

  11. Brittney – you are too funny. Bring your sleeping bag!! 🙂 Richard – you my friend have my heart (and those stinkin’ cute girls of yours…gosh you are so talented!!). Kelly B – awwww, sweet friend. You are too precious…it was a crazy delicious moment AND my bride (Tiffany) whose wedding it was just read this beautiful post and she teared up too reading that it is one of my most memorable moments – from 2008. PS – how is Austin? I miss TEXAS!!!!

  12. You’ll get there – but always remember it is a team effort. I could NEVER do it all by myself (and remain sane) that fast. And some weeks (like right now b/c August is always a personal month for us with lots of bdays and summer-time family fun) I’m a little backed up on my blogs. The main thing for us is ensuring that the clients have their imagery…blogging I’m willing to slide on a bit. xo

  13. Amy says:

    This space is breathtaking! I especially adore how she incorporated the hanging wedding dresses into the design. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

  14. jla says:

    love this chandelier- can you tell me where you got it? thx!

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