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12.5 Random Facts about Leah

I am literally, Go{4}Pro. I say this, because this site started because I was the one going for pro. I want you to feel like you know me, that you can relate to me… I want you to be able to laugh at me, as long as I can’t hear you and with me if I can. And hopefully, what I really want, is for you to give me the opportunity to inspire you to thrive.

To help you get to know me a little better, here are 12.5 random facts…

1. At 19, I developed a line of professional yacht care products. The line was sold in marine stores throughout Washington State and used and sold by professional yacht detailers. I named it ‘Carnubian’

2. I don’t drink any caffeine at all, ever. I have plenty of energy without it.

3. My husband and I created an every other vacation rule in our family.  We enjoy one vacation with the kids and the next one without. Good thing they are young enough to not know they get jacked. We take them to Disneyland and we go to Disneyworld. We take them on a 4 state road trip and we go on a Caribbean Cruise. It’s awesome!

4. I talk way too much… Way – way – way too much and constantly have to remind myself to just shut up.

5. I knew I was going to marry my husband on our first date! He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I’m still not sure how I tricked him into loving me. Nothing will ever come before my family. And I don’t believe true happiness can come from any other scenario.

6. I am extremely positive and always believe in the good of people. I’d rather have to squint to see the happy then lock focus on the bad.

7. I have fake shopping sprees. I use to do this in stores but now I do it virtually. I fill up shopping baskets with all the things I want, then scale back to make it more reasonable (you know under a grand) and leave the browser up for a day or two as if I’m actually going to “check out”.

8. Without question, finding my faith as a Latter Day Saint at age 19 has molded and made me who I am today.

9. I think I’m really funny but it’s almost never on purpose.

10. I learned everything I know about Photoshop on You Tube – True story!

11. I was once told that I wasn’t going to get anywhere with my brain so I’d better use my looks. I believed them for a while but now I know that my brain is my best feature.

12. Remillet is my middle name. It’s pronounced Rem.i.LAY. I chose it because I thought it sounded more artistic then my last name (Stimmel) but my hubby liked our last name better. On a road trip to visit college friends we put it to a vote and ‘Leah Remillet Photography‘ won by a landslide.

12.5 I have pathetically horrible grammar and spelling which is ironic since I write a blog. Blame it on Dyslexia if you’d like but I’d rather blame it on being so dang brilliant that my brain had to let something slip.

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  1. Ashley says:

    I love the last one- 12.5 -> completely and utterly true for myself as well! 😀 I think that just made my day!

    • Leah Remillet says:

      Oh thanks Ashley! Let me tell you, those who can get very agitated with my incompetence. Believe me! I’ve been told a time or two!

  2. tamsen says:

    hehe, I love all your posts. You’re adorable AND smart! 🙂

  3. Lea Hartman says:

    Ha, ha! The last one is my favorite!

  4. you ARE relatable, and we are laughing WITH you 😉 Thanks for putting yourself out there, I might do a post like this on my own… if I ever get around to that self portrait!

    • Leah Remillet says:

      KRISTIN!!! GET YOUR SELF PORTRAIT DONE GIRL!! This is so important! Your clients need to be able to relate to you, see you and feel like they know you! Top Priority! 🙂

  5. I loved this! Very fun, thanks for sharing. I wish I expressed myself that well.

    • Leah Remillet says:

      Thanks Ashley… That is so nice of you to say because I always think the exact same thing about others!

  6. Kim Larsen says:

    I do #7 all the time! Drives my hubby nuts when he opens up my laptop and I’ve got several tabs of shopping carts open! 😉

  7. Ashley Tingley says:

    Haha! Your shopping one is awesome, I do this too, but with photo stuff. I actually did it on here a couple times before I saved enough to buy the Logo/Marketing package! LOL!

  8. katie says:

    TOTALLY have fake shopping sprees to! love it!!

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