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It was so strange to be away from you all for so long! I hope you enjoyed the rerun blog posts! I’m still working to get settled in. I’m doing it slowly, one day at a time. Today I figured I’d just show you some pictures from the trip. I didn’t bring my Mark II, just my Point and Shoot. I love it though and it can go under water up to 16 feet! Back to the vacation….

It was amazing! This is the longest one we’ve done away from the kiddos… It was so nice to have soooo much time to just relax and enjoy my hubby. We had 10 whole days of the Mexican Riviera and it was gorgeous! By day 9 we were ready to get home to see our babies… By day 10 we happily paid the up-charge to change our flights just to hug them 2 hours sooner!

Highlights of our trip…

1. On the menu each night they had a Didja Item. As in ‘Didja ever wish you could try it, but you didn’t dare’. I decided on day one that I would try whatever the “didja” was each night. I ate… Shark, raw salmon, frog legs, escargot, venison, raw steak, alligator, I can’t remember what else?

2. We had cooking lessons for Authentic Mexican Food in Ensenada

3. One night very late we decided to start entertaining ourselves by ‘planking’ around the ship and at one point Taylor, and a couple who came with us laid down on the elevator floor and just waited for someone to push the button and find them. I was going to try to video it but I couldn’t stop laughing enough to do it.

4. They served Lobster on the Formal Night… I ate THREE lobster dinners. I tried to get one more sent to our room later but the dining room was closed.

5. There was an amazing lightening storm when we left Puerto Viarta. It was breathtaking to watch it in the distant night sky as we pulled further and further away.

6. I sang Karaoke.

7. I ate Molten Lava Cake every single night!

8. We played lots of late night card games with our friends and I learned that I hate the game Blitz! I am not smart enough for that stupid game.

9. We danced.

10. I had a whole in one on the mini golf course! I proceeded to miserably die a slow and painful golfing death after that.

11. I read three (real) books! {The Help, The Mormon Way of Doing Business, 10 Secrets Wise Parents Know}

12. No Cell Phones, No internet (except twice to Skype the kids) 10 days!!

13. We asked every employee what they thought the best job on the ship was. Best Answer: “The Captain. He doesn’t have to do anything. It’s set on Cruise Control”

14. I won a hot stone massage the first day which is awesome because Taylor and I love the spa and we always spend way to much whenever we go away!

15. I kissed my husband a LOT as we celebrated being married for 10 years!!!



  1. sylvia says:

    looks like a great trip!! If you didn’t post the picture, I wouldn’t have believed the planking story! lol!

  2. Mary Boyd says:

    That sounds like a fabulous way to celebrate 10 years with your husband. Everything looked delicious and beautiful and amazing!

  3. Kate says:

    Wow! I hope I can do something similar on my 10th anniversary. Looks like an amazing trip!

  4. brooke vanausdal says:

    Looks like so much fun….. I have to ask, did you regret not taking Mark II ?

    • Nope. We took it last time and I barely used it. It was just to huge and conspicuous where we were traveling. I love my point and shoot and new it could do the job. This trip was not about photography it was about memorized with my hubby and all I needed for that was a great P&S to help capture the snapshots. 🙂

  5. Sage says:

    Wow, congrats! Also, I can’t believe you got that last shot with a p&s, awesomesauce indeed!

  6. Erin Low says:

    what a fun trip!!!! congrats on 10 years you two lovebirds!!!!

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