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How to Become a Thriving Photographer

First, I want to tell you how excited I am to have reached another 1,000 amazing photographers through Facebook. As my way of saying, ‘thank you’ (THANK YOU!!), I’ve had the webinar brodcasting on the blog all weekend but after tomorrow it will go back down, so if you’d like some tips and tricks on Getting Organized, go watch it today!

Next… I am soooo excited to officially announce The Thriving Photographer!

It has been my goal/dream to create a program that would teach you exactly how to run a thriving photography business AND give you the tools you would need to do it. First I proved to myself that it is possible and once I’d done that I wanted to prove it to more of you!

I have been so honored to have gotten to coach and teach so many incredible women (and gents too) and I have become so aware that there is this underlying fear and belief that everyone else can make it happen except you… I know that’s not true! You just need to have the right knowledge base, the right structure and the right tools and it’s possible!

So I started developing a program, I wanted it to cover everything! Including pricing, marketing, branding, social media, in-person sales (and having your clients love you for it), workflow and more. I also teach you how to get your business working for you and how to truly have your life back. In this program, I  am walking you, step by step  through my entire business model AND teaching you exactly how to implement it yourself for your business and your life!

The Thriving Photographer from Leah Remillet on Vimeo.


My goal in creating this program was that when YOU finish you will be a savvy and thriving photography business owner, understanding exactly how to run your business….

If you’re an established phtoographer with a solid porfoilio but you just don’t have the sales you want or the savvy business skills you know you need… You will rock this!  If you’re new and just want to get it right the first time, I am giving you everything that I could have only dreamed of having when I started! …If you believe that your business has not reached it’s potential… If you dream of having more, of being more… I truly believe that I can help you thrive!







  1. Heather says:


    I never make comments on blogs. Literally, this might be my first. But, you’ve put together something exceptional here and I think you deserve to know that.

    I don’t know you. I’ve never commented here or made any contact with you in any forum. I’ve silently stalked your blog as so many others do for a couple months now. I’m the kind of girl who likes to know as much as possible about a situation before attacking it full tilt. I have a tendency to research things more thoroughly than most. I bought The Thriving Photographer on a complete leap of faith. To be honest, I was worried that it would be a disappointment as so many other e-books and seminars have been. I have never been so thankful that I took the leap of faith.

    I thought it was probably some marketing gimmick to have comments posted saying this was worth $1500 or $2000. I was wrong. The information you offer is solid, logical, easy to follow and easy to implement. And its valuable. Specifically, the information you provided about how to brand your business and how to create relationships with other businesses make this more than worth the price.

    I have spent the last couple months trying to put together a plan for starting and running my business. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice quality or my reputation by floundering through my first year or two of business. I wanted to do it right. The Thriving Photographer provides answers to all the questions I couldn’t get answered elsewhere and to all the questions I didn’t know I needed to ask.

    I think that anyone who is saying they can’t afford this isn’t being honest with themselves. If you want this enough, you can find a way to get it. After all, you found a way to purchase your camera and that was probably far more expensive.

    Leah, you’ve done an incredible job with this. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this. And most of all, thank you for not holding anything back and giving us the resources to be successful without the years of trial and error.


    • I don’t know what to say?! No one can possibly understand (besides my poor husband) how much this has meant to me, how hard I’ve worked, how determined I have been to truly hold nothing back and give everything I could to help photographers thrive. But getting the feedback from people, hearing that they are loving it and reading YOUR comment… I started crying because it means so much to have people realize and see what this is worth. This is more than a program, it’s everything I am as a photographer and a mentor wrapped up into a package. So thank you, sincerely! I am so grateful and feel so blessed to think that you left your very first comment for me!

  2. Lea says:

    Man, oh man! I really wish I knew about this BEFORE I just purchased two online workshops – one on technique, one on marketing – and bought some of the same types of templates you are including. It would have been perfect! This is such an incredible product. I have spent COUNTLESS hours glued to my computer searching out the information and materials you are including here and I would GLADLY have saved myself the hassle and purchased Thrive if I had known about it literally seven days ago! 🙁

    • It’s never a bad thing to continue learning, you will benefit in someway from every investment you make in learning your craft! With me the templates are a complete bonus, there just as an aid to help you truly implement all that you learn. Don’t regret investments to learn, take from them all you can and… You may just find that you are still missing some pieces. Remember this is the whole business package! 🙂

  3. Mary says:


    I love everything in it – but as is the case with much of the “planning/growing/educating” we all need to continually do, I made my binder and did a quick glance through. Then thought – when am I going to have the time to get through all of this awesomeness?!

    Well…found me a full two days of the flu here…had to reschedule two shoots…and I’m nearly done Thriving! It was perfect to have the binder ready to go when I finally had some forced downtime!

    Love it! Printing the Updates – so that I can have a nice, readable binder now. My chicken scratch was kinda embarassing with your pretty pages!

    And one of the silly indulgent things in your (ahem – I mean, our) new arsenal that I would never have paid for…a silly branded pen. I’m pretty jazzed to use them! What a nerd.

    Thanks again for the hard work in putting it all together! It’s like a well organized mini-office. 😉

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying Thrive! It can be hard to schedule the time to make it happen but it’s so important because the longer one waits the more they’ll wish they’d done it sooner! I’m so glad you found the time although I’m sorry it was because of the flu!

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