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Spanki Mills on The Thriving Photographer

I adore Spanki Mills! She’s one of those people you just want to be around! We met virtually a few years ago when I decided to click through from a  comment I’d received on the blog and I was just blown away by this girl’s talent. Lots of emails and a few guest posts later we finally got to meet in real life at WPPI and we instantly clicked!

Today I’m excited to share with you Spanki’s take on The Thriving Photographer! One thing that I think is so fun is to see what different photographer’s take from the program. For many, they just can’t get over what it’s doing for their sales… For others, they can’t believe that they finally have a marketing plan that is working and bringing in clients that before they’d only dreamed of… And for Spanki who’s already doing well with sales and marketing – She just keeps gushing over what it’s doing to organize her business so that it now work’s for her!! 

I love reading, watching and hearing the success stories of my Thrivers!! If you’re still wondering if this program will help you…. IT WILL!  (And with a money back guarantee, you’ve only got successes to gain!)



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