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The Responsibility of an Artist

My seven year old daughter recently told us that she wants to be an artist when she grows up.

My husband teased, “well, there isn’t much money in that.” And I’ll admit, I look at him as if he had the tentacles of an octopus wrapped around his face! Had he forgotten that I am an artist?

“There can be!”  I quickly replied and we continued to drive down the highway.

After that my mind trailed off.  I began to think about how far I’d come. How much I’d seen happen in my own life – with my own business – in my own “can’t make much money” career choice.  And the thing was… I had.  The reality of that statement ringing within the walls of my head left me awe-struck.  I sat there pondering that reality and sitting in wonder as I reminisced about the mother a few years ago who said, “I think I can do this, I really want to try!”

I didn’t even know what “this” was back then.  At least in hindsight I didn’t.  My path to success was not instant.  I worked little by little one single step at a time. Trying to learn my camera, trying to understand how I could possibly make this a business.  There were so many unanswered questions back then…  Could this ever make me money?  Would anyone ever want to pay me?  Would I ever be good enough to charge? Could I really make this happen for me?

Today I want to climb up escape ladders and shout from roof tops (or in my version of that, use CAPS LOCK) for the whole world (wide web) to hear (errr – read) and say, “Yes, you most absolutely certainly can be successful as an artist!” 

It’s incredible to realize how much potential is inside each one of us. I have come to realize and believe in my calling to help artistic, passionate, beautiful women (like you) realize that “this” is possible. This can be a career choice and it can be a very lucrative one as well. You can have passion, profits and your life the way you want it. You can…. You can…. You can! 

And do not, for heavens sake – whatever you do… Don’t apologize for wanting to be both creative and profitable! Do not feel shame for wanting to provide well for your family. Do not let guilt fester for even one minute for wanting to feel security when you see your bank account.  Give no room in your mind for fear to take hold, or rejection to leave its print on your dream.

We have an obligation to seven-year-olds everywhere! To teach them, no, to show them that they can be whatever they want and be financially successful! That they can have what they dream of… That hard work, passion and determination really is magical…  And that the combination opens the door to endless possibilities.

I believe in the possibilities  of dreams with my whole heart.  I believe it because I’ve seen it in my own life and because I’ve had the honor and privilege to help hundreds and hundreds of photographers find passion, profits and balance in their lives too.

Are you ready to stand up for your children’s dreams?




  1. Esther says:

    Photographic is a passion for me I wear out a camera about every 2 years. But that is not why your article made me cry. I am an artist that gets put into the crafter column not taken seriously , my husband has supported my “habits ” but when I want to take it to the next step he balks . I work with mixed media that incorporates photo’s . Your article inspires me to push myself to the next level and show my 7 yr. Old that art is a valid career choice. Thank you.

you said:

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