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Behind the Scenes of our Family Photo Shoot

For this episode of Video Friday, I’m taking you behind the scenes of our recent family photo session.  My hope is that it will remind all of us what our clients go through when they schedule a portrait session.

This year I chose as our photographer my dear friend – Kari Rae.   She’s amazing!  Wait till you see what she captured for us.  And when you consider what she was working with… you’ll be doubly impressed!

Their was a tear or two… stains on brand new clothes, and bribery for one more sweet smile.  It was a lot of work to make this happen, but – make no mistake-  to have these images… telling my story of our happy chaos… It was all worth it!

These pictures were also a great reminder of what our clients experience.  Before the shutter ever closes, our clients have to decide that those last 10 pounds for Mom or those 2 missing front teeth for Jane just aren’t worth waiting for anymore.  There is a lot our clients have to do and ‘get over’ before that camera ever actually even points at them.

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  1. Is anyone else not getting any sound?

  2. hillary says:

    seriously!!! so adorable!

  3. Cindy Short says:

    This was a great post! Thank you for sharing! You’re family is adorable and I love the images that Kari captured. Perfect way to show how the craziness of getting ready for the portrait session can pay off in awesome portraits.

  4. Kristie B says:

    Adorable! Thanks for sharing:)

  5. Cynthia says:

    Loved the post!!! And adorable photos! I used that same Eco friendly fake snow last year but couldn’t seem to find it this year. Do you happen to know the name of it? Or where it was purchased?

  6. Becci says:

    Seriously, so so adorable and a-maz- ing! All the worry was worth it right?!!!

  7. I love this session! Kari did such a great job and you have such a beautiful family 🙂

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