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The Forgotten Resolution

More money, more business, more organization, better marketing, better website, better branding…  Better Business. These are what many of our New Years Resolutions will include. Good goals, to be sure! I’ve built my business and my career around better business – and helping professional photographers find their personal THRIVE. So what I’m about to say may seem strangely contrary coming from… well… me.  But those listed above?  Are not necessarily the best goals.  And all my Thriver’s can tell you there is something far more important than business: RELATIONSHIPS!!

So let me ask you…

How profoundly can your spouse feel the love that you have for him (or her!)?

How much time are you giving – with full devotion – to your children each day?

How often are you able to be there for your friends?  To recognize their needs and be the one who fills them?

Do the people you love most know that they are even more special, more exciting and more important to you than your business is?

As each new year approaches, I spend some time reflecting on the last. Reviewing my goals. With the aid of hindsight, I can see where I need to push and challenge myself to reach for even bigger and better goals.  Often it’s because I exceeded my previous goals, and sometimes it’s where I need to strive to improve and recommit because I’m still not there.


I love business… Like, love it more than maybe anyone you’ve ever met. I crave business books and statistics. Dare I say that marketing turns me on and sales make me giddy as a school girl? But do you know what tops all the passion that I have for business? The passion that I have for my husband and the little ones we love so much. In fact, I’m sitting at the airport waiting for a flight right now.  With my gorgeous husband, Taylor.

The hubs and I are ringing in the New Year in Las Vegas. Everyone always thinks it’s so funny when we head to Vegas since we don’t gamble or drink. But we love to eat and we love the shows. (We’re seeing Le Réve at the Wynn and The Black Keys this time around!)  And we really LOVE any excuse to spend time together.

So as you build your vision for 2013, I hope you’ll remember to include that most important and truly unforgettable resolution of all… Making the most of this upcoming year with your Family!

Happy (in an exceed your wildest dreams way) New Year!

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Are you ready for more?  I’m determined to prove to as many photographers as will let me that you can have passion, profits and time for a great life.  I create six-figure photographers, and I’d love to teach you, step-by-step, how it’s done.  This is happening for photographers from all over the world who are just like you.  Let me prove just how wildly successful YOU can be!

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