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Get Referrals Spreading for Your Photography Business

I use to never seem to get any referrals…  Yes, my clients said they “loved the pictures” and yes I gave them material to help them spread the word but none of that sweet spread’n that I was hoping for, ever seems to make it back my direction. So I wondered, what gives? 

I decided to get focused and strategic.  I started studying theory’s statistics and principles about the art of referral generation (yes, I’m kinda of a geek like that).

Turns out I was doing two major things wrong!

#1: I didn’t get how expectations worked. (Watch today’s episode to see what I mean!)

#2: I had no strategic plan for my referral process. (My full referral process is outlined in The Thriving Photographer™)



It’s not enough to meet expectations.  You must exceed them.  

Join the conversation and tell us the last time you experienced that “wow factor”!  


Surprise & Delight your clients and you will be Delighted & Surprised by the RESULTS!Love the backdrop?

Me too!

It’s Spangled from Drop it Modern




  1. Dena says:

    Is it just me or is the music louder than the voice audio? Sorry, but I can barely hear you! 🙁

    • I’m so sorry about that Dena! It’s not supposed to be. 🙁 Hope you maybe got a little something out of it! If nothing else… Make sure not to have the backtrack taking over the front track. 😉

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