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Photography 101 Class – Behind the Scenes

I love getting to teach beginner photography classes to my clients and their friends. For me, photography isn’t about perfect pictures. It’s about capturing imperfect moments that tell a perfect story!

After teaching photography classes for over three years, I finally created SNAP HAPPY (Photography 101 Course Material) for you! 

SNAP HAPPY gives you all of the course material, promotional templates and marketing templates to teach your own Photography 101 Class, I’ve even included a sample recording of me teaching the full course.  I tried to take all of the hard planning, building and developing work away in order to leave you… with just the fun stuff!  One photographer said, “Thank you for doing what my A.D.D. brain could never finish.”  🙂 

One of the reasons I love getting to offer these photography classes is that it does so much for my business: I can use SNAP HAPPY as an additional revenue stream, a marketing tool and a credibility booster.  And it’s seriously crazy fun!! 

I taught my own SNAP HAPPY class a couple of weeks ago, here are some behind-the-scenes images from that night… 


A little about this class: 

This class was hosted by one of my clients. She did all of the inviting, planning and preparing. I got to come in, set up, eat food (love that part!), and then introduce my business and my work to 8 beautiful women.

My presentation was about 60 minutes and then we spent the next 60 minutes answering questions, going over techniques and settings… and eating more of that delicious food!  SNAP HAPPY is designed in such a way that you can teach it as a short class or a full-day workshop. Because this class was offered on a Thursday night, it was structured as a 2-hour event.

It is always so much fun getting to help women become more confident about their own snaps.  And we have a really good laugh at the end of each presentation when everybody stands up to practice losing 10 pounds in the camera.

Want to teach your own SNAP HAPPY class? Awesome! Don’t forget that the introductory price is only available till Friday (3/22/12).



  1. Monica says:

    Cool idea! Where is your awesome top from?!

    • Thanks Monica!! This top has a STORY!! I saw it in the private group for the members of my Program The Thriving Photographer… One of the gals posted an image from an engagement shoot and I was dying to know where the top came from. After realizing that store didn’t have my size – I went on a quest through Pinterest to find a Chevron Blouse. After way longer than I care to admit, I found ONE SITE that actually had the top not on backorder. And this is the site:

      Which color are you going to get? 🙂

  2. Kymberly says:

    Leah if you love chevron you should check out this gals clothes! She has some chevron pants that are way cool!

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