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How to Organize Projects (and actually finish them)

Organizing projects
There are so many areas of our business to be worked on… SO MANY!!

We have the important projects’ (i.e., packaging orders, editing sessions and answering emails); then there are the ‘want-to-work-on projects’ (i.e., the new welcome video or the stylized senior shoot idea you’ve been mulling over); and finally we have our, ‘really-should-work-on projects’ (i.e., finishing your new pricing, working on your marketing plan or updating your outdated portfolios). 

Like I said, there are SO MANY areas of our business that we can be working on…


More than likely (and this is a safe assumption, since I know you’re a creative), you probably have tons of half-started projects… many of which haven’t even made any substantial headway in far – too –  long. 

And here’s the HUGE problem with this admission of – well – guilt… 


You already don’t feel like you have enough time… And you’re allowing your time to be offered up to project after project which history says you’re not going to finish.  And that means…. You are wasting precious hours, weeks, and even months of your life on nothing. Ouch! 

When I got that smack of reality, I got mad… And then I decided to find a better (and more fulfilling) way. 

Are you ready to make a change….



  1. Tiia Norsym says:

    This was great, thank you! I have 7 projects, 4 of which are underway and 2 that are almost complete. It is very helpful to see how it’s totally doable but focusing on one at a time is definitely my challenge. I can do it!

    • I understand! I’m always fighting the urge to work on 5 projects instead of just one but I find that if I work on 5…. None of them get done till the very last one is done but when I do one at a time, that first project has more fire beneath it because I’m anxious to get to the next! Did that make any sense? In my head I totally got it.

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