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CELEBRATION SALE! (We won 2 Hot One Awards!)

If you’ve been around for any period of time, you know that we NEVER have sales… as in EVER.  I’m prefacing with that because I want you to know that if you’ve been thinking about any of our business-boosting products, this is the time to buy!  And, NO, we will not extend the sale. It’s over when the clock hits midnight on Saturday. 

Okay… Now that you understand just how huge this sale really is, I’d love to tell you WHY we’re actually having one…. 

It’s in celebration of the TWO HOT ONE AWARDS that we were presented!!

I am so excited and honored to have The Product Pricing Guide and Snap Happy – Photography 101 Course Material recognized as some of the best products on the market for professional photographers in 2013. I’m not going to lie: it feels awesome; and I wanted to get to celebrate the awesomeness with you!

So pull out your noise maker, fill up your cart, and drop in the code HOT25 to receive 25% off your entire order! 



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