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Attracting Higher Paying Clients

When you raise your prices
One of the best feelings as a photography business owner can often be followed by one of the worst feelings in business. 

The best feeling that I’m referring to comes when you get too busy (such an awesome problem to have). You start to realize that you’re working too hard for too little and so you make the decision…you realize that you want more and you deserve more, so you raise your prices. 

Shortly after these exhilarating feelings of possibility comes the worst feeling, the feeling of rejection and since it follows so closely behind exhilaration, the blow is only intensified.

Whenever prices are raised there are two obstacles we must prepare for, you might think the first would be the technical aspect of building back up your business under your new more profitable prices but actually that’s the second. The first step is in laying down the psychological foundation you’re going to need to accept this more advanced success. 

Don’t worry, we’re going to talk about both of these obstacles today! 



  1. Morgan says:

    I loved this one Leah! I needed this today! Off to work! 🙂

  2. Love it, Leah! It’s hard sometimes to stick to my prices but I know that I’m worth them.

    • Heck yes you are worth it!!! But you’re right it is really hard at first, but once you get some momentum behind you… Oooh! It gets so much better! The key to that momentum is marketing so go market the bee-jeebers out of your business! 😀

  3. Ashley says:

    This was an amazing video and gave me a lot to think about thank you!

you said:

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