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The Thriver’s Retreat – Washington, D.C. – SOLD OUT

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I’m on the plan right now, and I can’t wait to meet more amazing Thrivers in D.C. and then get to see The Big Apple (for my very first time)! 

This one is different from my last two retreats this year (Florida & Seattle) because it’s going to be a lot more personal. Normally we offer 20 spots, but do to our spontaneity  (i.e., shorter planning time) we limited it to 8. I’m actually really excited to see what it feels like with such a small group!

Putting on these retreats is a ton of work (especially when you’ve never been to the city).  Monday, as we finished up the final details and worked through some last minute kinks, my fab assistant for this workshop admitted, ‘I don’t know how you do these?’  I explained that all the hiccups and kinks were just part of the process and were bound to happen.  And it was as I hung up the phone after that call with her that I got giddy.  I felt all giddy because I was so excited to meet these women, and I knew that all the stress and planning and work-arounds were worth the opportunity!  

So there you have it. I’m off again for my last Retreat of 2013. These are offered exclusively for members of my business program, The Thriving Photographer™.  

We will be instagraming away, so if you want to see the behind the scenes… Follow the adventure on Instagram!  

The Thriving Photographer Retreats put on by Leah Remillet. The ultimate workshop for photographers!!  -




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