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How I Get So Much Done Every Day

I use to be passively productive. What I mean by that is that I’d have these great intentions every day, but somehow, somewhere, in the mix of laundry, piled dishes and email inboxes… I would lose my way.

I can remember  how my heart would sink when my hubby would walk in the door after a really long day.  I know!  Isn’t that terrible?!!?

It’s not a fun thing to admit to you, but I’ve always promised that I wouldn’t cover up the ugly.  I think it’s important to show you the real me: good, bad and ugly.


So there he would be, standing in front of me. He was gone for long hours back then – often from 7am to 11pm.  So you’d think that when that dreaded question came, I’d have plenty to say…

“What’d you do today?” he’d innocently ask. 

And there I would stand, ashamed and embarrassed – because I really couldn’t say.  All too often I found that after a day of never sitting, never resting, and never stopping… I really had no idea if I’d moved forward at all. 

I hated that feeling of frustration when my head would hit the pillow after a long and exhausting day of never stopping, only to realize that I had never actually gotten to any of the projects I’d wanted and needed to conquer that day.  I had to make a change!  Over the years, I’ve read countless organization, time management, and productivity books to help me find a better way. 

Today I’m super excited because I’m sharing the strategies that have transformed me from passively productive to powerfully productive. 

I’d LOVE to answer any questions you might have on how my day flows…
So leave a comment and ask me anything you want.
I’m excited to have this conversation with you! 



  1. Ellen LeRoy says:

    I thought this was a very helpful video. Keep up the great work. I will share the link!

  2. I really am struggiling with setting up the structure of my work week. do you have a basic schedule that you work from every week as far as ex. Marketing on Mondays Client Care on Tuesdays and would you mind sharing how a typical day flows?

    • Awesome question Meridith! So I do have some assigned activity for certain days of the week BUT I’m really flexible on it most of the time. I use ot be really rigid but I found that I would just get to annoyed with myself when I wasn’t following my “plan”.

      My current flow goes like this… Monday morning are spent reviewing projects and last weeks productivity. At 10am I have my virtual meeting with my assistant to go over last weeks work and this weeks ideas.
      Tuesday Night is Marketing night. This is my time to work ON my business and not in my business – think big picture projects.

      Wednesday is my blogging day usually. I make sure everything is ready for Friday’s Email and video and try to get a couple more blog posts scheduled up.

      And the rest is all focused around my top 3 to 5.

      🙂 Thanks for asking, let me know if you want anymore details.

  3. Jenni says:

    Hi Leah,

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for this – it really struck a chord with me when you said your heart would sink when your husband came home for the day… that is me every. single. day, and I really struggle with it. I think the #1 thing I took away from this is #5, the emails being someone else’s to-do list for you. I NEVER thought of it that way, and you are SO right. Life changing! I can’t thank you enough. Feeling so inspired to implement these tips into my life/business. YOU ROCK! 🙂 (no need to reply – I know you’re busy! Just wanted to say you touched my life today!)


    • How could I NOT reply Jenni? You made my day! First cause you didn’t make me feel all alone on the whole hubby thing and second because you share that I got to inspire you! That makes my heart so happy and excited!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share with me, you made my day!! Truly!! <3

      P.S. I peaked around your fab website… Ummm. Your adorable!

  4. Natalie Hill says:

    This is GREAT! Now I have to put it in motion. The household chores mixed in with my business work is definitely a challenge. And I am easily side tracked. So, the timer tip will keep me on track…I HOPE!!

    Thanks Leah

    • Love seeing you pop in the comments Natalie! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! The housework {slash} running a business thing is crazy hard! That’s why I CHEAT and have someone come in once a week to do the deep cleaning! 🙂

  5. Tiia Norsym says:

    My gosh, this is by far my BIGGEST struggle and the reason I think about abandoning my business once a month. I beat myself up daily
    about what I’m NOT accomplishing rather than celebrating my successes. I was diagnosed with ADD last year (had it my whole life, but undiagnosed) so the hardest thing is implementing and sticking to any strategy! I try something for a few days and even if it works and fall back into my old patterns. Every day is a struggle to focus on one thing when my mind is a buzz with ideas, to dos, etc while
    two small children stand before me demanding my focus on them. Then when I do have a block of time to ‘focus’, it takes an hour to just clear through the weeds in my head!
    So….onto my questions for you!
    How do you suggest implementing and sticking to any strategy, making it a habit? Also, can you go into detail on what you get help with and how you decided to ask for help in those areas? Thanks!! As always, SO inspirational. You
    make me feel like I can do it!!!!

    • I love this! This could be an AWESOME future episode so if you want kraft up the question and email it to me. I’m starting to plan my fall line up! 🙂

      But for now… Things that I get help with:

      My house! That was huge! I felt a lot of guilt that I was supposed to be doing it, after all I am a SAH-Housewife. By very definition I’m supposed to keep up the house. BUT, and it was a huge but. I was always failing. I couldn’t be a good mom, a business owner and have a clean toilet. There just wasn’t enough hours in the day so I finally got help. Now I pay someone to come in once a week and do the deep cleaning! It’s amazing and I spend that time in my kids classrooms which feels even better!

      My Editing! Editing is by far my biggest time suck. I get bored and then distracted and then an hour later I realize I’ve only edited 3 images. Editing took up more time from my business than anything else so now I don’t do the editing. It’s seriously awesome and it has given me my nights back with my hubby!

      Web stuff! I use to try to figure it out on my own. And there i would be, 3am trying to read and google code. Truth is, I’m really sucky at that stuff so now I have a web designer who I can call on when I need something switched or added or updated or I also use ODesk sometimes too! (

      And then I also help myself by doubling recipes so that I can freeze one dinner or giving myself permission to just do takeout once a week. 🙂 Now I’m addicted to letting others help me. Yes, I’m usually paying for that help but it’s a price I’m happily willing to invest in for more time with my family. And when you’re a Thriving Photographer, you can afford it!

      🙂 Thanks for asking!!

  6. This video really hit home with me, by the time my head hits the pillow I’m frustrated with myself. I feel like I go-go-go, and yet, what the heck did I get done? I’m SO happy to hear I’m not alone in this because it makes me feel like a crazy person. The tip about starting your day with email is starting on someone else’s to-do list for you is a life-changer for me!

    Thank you so much for this video and I’m so happy I found your site (through Jenni), can’t wait for more wonderful tips! 🙂

    • You are definitely NOT alone. It really comes down to discipline and focus, neither of which are very sexy when you say them but when you hit your pillow at night and feel so good about your day that you roll over to your husband… Well then it gets a bit more sexy! 😉

  7. DeeLee says:

    Leah, This video really hit the nail on the head. I have so much to do in order to relaunch my business the Thrive way that I am just exhausted at the end of the day just thinking about it. And because I have not organized my days effectively, I purposely get sidetracked in reading emails, reading Facebook, and “talking” about what i am “going” to do just to run away from the overwhelm.

    New plan: 1. Get back to my top three priority tasks per day (At least one of those tasks must be a marketing effort) and do NOT do another thing until I am finished with those things. 2. Re-launch Thrive from the beginning and work my way through (0n a schedule) until complete. CELEBRATE My accomplishments daily.

    Well, I have put myself out there. And now I am accountable for my actions. I will appreciate any feedback. My Best, 🙂

    • I love it DeeLee!! I think thats an AWESOME new plan!

      So just know that the second you try to implement this new plan, Murphy is going to come calling (Murphy’s Law). I use to let this make me so mad but now I see it as an awesome opportunity. It’s my test, my chance to prove to the universe that I want this and that I’m going to make this happen. I like to imagine that it’s my little challenge to see if I’m ready for that next level of success that I say I’m ready for. …So be ready for it!

      And I love that you’re relaunching Thrive with a schedule and my favorite, favorite, favorite part is hearing you say you will CELEBRATE your accomplishments every day! You know how I feel about that! 😀

      I’m excited for you!!!!

  8. Michelle B says:

    Hi Leah –

    I love your videos they have been so very helpful! I have a side photo biz and I work at an office job 40 hours a week. Plus a wife and a mom to 3 little ones (9,6 and 3). Busy! I only want to do 2 photo sessions each weekend. However, during the late summer and fall it seems that everyone wants pictures taken and they want them RIGHT NOW! My photo biz is taking off with bookings – but they all seem to want them in the same 3 month period. I live in Iowa…so I might not have any session in the cold months like January or February and come October I can’t keep up with the demand. I made my decision to limit the number of sessions I would take on after last year when I got burned and crashed from exhaustion of trying to keep up with it all.

    So my question is – how do I turn people away? I feel horrible. Guilty even, telling people I am booked and can’t take on any more clients right now. But yet I know I will feel horrible and guilty if I take on too many leaving my family behind all weekend. I am worried that if I turn people away they might not ever try to come back. But don’t I need to set some boundaries and put my family first? Oh the guilt!!

  9. These are some great tips, some of which I have implemented myself over the last few years. I think your post and video is just one more source that keeps telling me “you can’t do it all, there are only so many hours…”. In my case I think it’s time to hire some help. We have four kids (10-5) whom I homeschool and I’m trying to build this business. But these days I’m just frustrated trying to accomplish homeschooling and running our household. We have been pondering a mother’s helper two morning a week for help with homeschool and household, and to provide me with a smidge of time to work the business. I don’t know what it was…… but this post was like the last nudge I needed to move forward on that, without guilt. Thank you. =)

    • Oh my word Krystal… Even wonder woman herself would be feel overwhelmed with that workload! Yes… You absolutely need to let some of the good go so that you can focus on the better and the best! You won’t believe how amazing it feels when you do, you’re going to immediately want to kick yourself for not just doing it sooner. That’s how I felt!

      I can’t wait to here about the results. Keep us posted!

  10. Hi Leah! What a blessing this video was 😉 I’m a work at home mom ( I am a textile, home decor and paper goods designer and sometimes photographer, LOL) and I’m constantly trying to balance work and home. I’ve always felt guilty about mixing the two, either way. This tip about allowing them to intertwine was super helpful for me to think differently about it and see it as a way to refresh!

    thanks again for a great video!

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