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The D.C.Thrive Retreat à la Instagram

I felt so alone in those early years as a photographer.  I can remember seeing other photographers get together for lunch or to collaborate on a shoot, and I’d think, ‘Oh my gosh, how cool would that be!?’  I would daydream of lunch dates in the city, collaboration sessions with beautiful models, and staying up for hours just to ‘talk shop.’  

I wanted to have photography friends… I wanted to have someone who ‘got me’ and my dreams.  Once I even went to a photographer’s meet-up, but after feeling like I wasn’t impressive enough to be noticed… I went home. 

When I made the decision to start offering The Thriver’s Workshops, I was ecstatic to create an experience where all of my daydreams could come to life and where I could help the photographers who came to my little party actually feel important, impressive and empowered!

D.C. felt like all of my dreams (of photographer friends, and lunch dates and collaboration, and hours of shop-talk) all rolled up into four amazing days. 

These women are everything I dreamed my make-believe photography friends would be, and I am so blessed to now call them my friends!  I had such an incredible time with these women: we laughed; we cried; we bonded, and then we laughed some more. 

These are our Instagrams, documenting about a tenth of the crazy fun that I had with these amazing women! 

Thrive D.C. Photography Workshop in Instagrams1
Thrive D.C. Photography Workshop in Instagrams3
Thrive D.C. Photography Workshop in Instagrams4
Thrive D.C. Photography Workshop in Instagrams2

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