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Fear Over Raising Your Prices is Good

Fear is good for your business! 

Let me explain. If everything is easy, you’re probably not growing and you’re definitely not getting the results you could be getting

Fear is your internal alarm…and that alarm is sounding so that you can make a better decision about what’s in front of you. And it can only be two things; your fear alarm is either telling you that this could hurt you OR your fear alarm is telling you that you’re on to something awesome. 

Now if you’re walking down a poorly lit side street by yourself and you’re feeling fear, I think we can agree that your fear alarm is telling you that this situation could hurt you. 


If you’re wanting more for your business and your life and you’re ready to make that happen by taking the steps to get big results (btw – If you want the step-by-step big result program, The Thriving Photographer™ is your answer!).

Do you want to know how to make big things happen in your business? Get scared. Get so scared that you’re excited and so excited that you can’t sleep at night. That’s when you’re onto something awesome. 

Love the BACKDROP? We do, too! It’s Spangled, from the fabulous Drop it Modern!



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