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The Thriver’s Retreat – Senior Masquerade Styled Session

I was in the middle of the Washington, D.C. Thriver’s Retreat talking all about marketing; we were laughing, brainstorming and my phone lit up below me…I glanced down and said, “Oh no, oh no, oh no.”  Our Friday night Senior models had just bailed on us and I was worried. I told the girls what had just happened and everyone jumped into ‘fix-it’ mode to help me find a solution. The fact that this was their first reaction says a lot about these photographer’s character and why I love them so much. They could have looked at me like, “Well now what? You need to fix this” but they didn’t, they jumped in and went to work as my friends!

I told them that I had one back up model and we’d see if she was still available. Nadine popped in and said she might have a model as well, her name was Logan. “Wait, Logan?!” Turns out her girl was my girl too. 

Logan and Naowshaba were more than backup models. They were our stars! We kept telling them over and over, “We’re so glad it’s you! It was always meant to be you!” They are of course gorgeous, but it was how much fun they were, that really made us all fall in love with them. It’s always amazing to me that if you allow it, things have a way of working out. This session turned out better than I could have ever dreamed! Thank you to all my girls, Thrivers and L&N for being my stars! xoxo  










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