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10 Websites that Help Photographers Look More Professional

This is hard. I mean really freaking hard. I just wanted to put that out there in case you were feeling like the only one. I promise you’re not! 

We’re trying to be everything. We wear every hat. Try to fill every position…and for most, you’re doing it as a one-(wo)man show. It can be enough to make a grown girl want to hide in the closet with a 2-pound box of Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels…you know?! 

But there is hope! Over the years I’ve found some great businesses that have helped me feel less like I’m all on my own! They’ve helped me to come across more professional, get more organized and even be safer! 

Today I’m sharing my personal top 10 favorite websites that help me feel like I have a huge team behind me. 

Tweet it out: Pro-Togs: No Employees? Here’s a list from @go4prophotos to help you FEEL like you do!

Love the BACKDROP? We do, too! It’s Spangled, from the fabulous Drop it Modern!

Top 10 photography Web-Tools
10. Short Stack Apps & North SocialCustom Facebook Tabs
9. Adobe Creative Cloud (not Suite) – The full Adobe Collection available for a monthly fee
8. Securi Malware Monitoring and Cleanup
7. Jot FormEasy to use form builder (free option)
6. Issuu – Digital Online Magazine Publication (free option)
5. Mad Mimi or Mail Chimp*Email Marketing (FREE for less than 2000 subscribers) *better options
4. Sticky Albums – Custom Apps for Your Clients to Share
3. Animoto Pro – Insanely easy-to-use slideshow creator 
2. ShowitDrag and Drop Website Builder (see mine)
1. BlogStomp – Cuts down blogging time dramatically by building and drafting posts.  



  1. Meghan G says:

    You said “Adobe Creative Suite” and I think you meant “Creative Cloud” : ) And I love that as one of my personal teams too!

  2. Meghan G says:

    I also like Fundy’s Blog Collage builder, an alternate to blog stomp.

  3. Kayce says:

    Great Video and thanks for sharing, however, I couldn’t understand some of the websites you mentioned. Can you give a list in text so I can get the spelling right and more easily find them? Thanks!

  4. Idie says:

    I share your passion for blogstomp! It’s a great time saver and has made my blog look a lot nicer. 🙂 I’m going to look into a couple more of your recommendations. Do you have a written list anywhere?
    Thank you!

  5. Tiffany says:

    Tonight is marketing Monday over at Appletini Photography and I am FINALLY creating custom tabs for my Facebook page. First I went to Google to find an app…then I thought…what does Leah recommend? 😉 Your site is the best resource!! I got a short stack coming right up!

    • You seriously made my night Tiffany! That is so awesome!! Thanks a million for not only sharing what you’re up to but letting me know that I get to be a little part of your evening! I’m so honored! 😀

  6. Shawna says:

    So pumped to try out ANIMOTO PRO! Also…I love having my own Product Guide on Issuu thanks to my very-smart-investment in the Leah Remillet “Product Guide template” purchase. 😀

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