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Getting to know Full Color Photo Lab

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I’m excited to introduce you (or just better acquaint you with) Full Color Photo Lab.  I sat down and recently got to know a little better and I gotta say, I love what they stand for! High quality, a great client experience and really listening to their clients wants and needs – that sounds like the making of a great lab to me!  Here’s what they had to say… 

1. Where are you located?

Full Color photo lab is located deep in the heart of Texas, just minutes from downtown Dallas.

2. What are you best at creating?

We are a professional photo lab with over 30 years of experience; we strive to provide innovative, high quality products for our customers and our customer service is by far the best in the industry. We are professional, experienced and friendly!

Full Color Lab1

3.  What is your shipping turn around time and is there anything really great about your shipping process we should know about?

Our turnaround for most orders is 1-2 days. Standard shipping is only $2.50 per order via UPS Ground, which is 1-2 day delivery for most customers. With our ROES Plus ordering system, you can combine many product types into a single order for color consistency and lower shipping costs.


4.  What’s your current favorite product?

We LOVE our Bevel Wraps; nothing is more elegant than a Fine Art canvas showcased in such a unique way.  We now offer free border graphics in a wide range of colors for both the Bevel Wraps and 1½” Gallery Wraps.

Full Color Lab2

5.  What’s something Full Color can do for photographers that they may not realize a lab can do?

Full Color is not just your typical photo lab, we want to know YOU. You’re not just a number or a name to us. We want to understand your business needs and build a relationship with you. We love to see our photographers prosper and grow and with Full Color we help guide you in the right direction, with a large product offering and ideas for helping you with your business.

Full Color Lab5

6.  What is your best tip to help photographers get better results from their lab?

Try your best to get your exposures correct in camera and always use a light meter. Making only minor adjustments in Lightroom or Photoshop will save you tons of processing time.

Full Color Lab4



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