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A ThankFUL Letter to You

I wish I was a better writer. 

I never feel like my words do justice to how my heart is feeling. As I sit at my desk trying to figure out how to express how grateful I am, I already know that anything I try to say will fall short of how I really feel. 

Simply put, I truly love what I do and there’s no way I could do what I do, without you.  Every day I get to wake up, have my little morning routine, kiss my kiddo’s off to school and then sit down and boldly inspire beautiful people to live the life they’ve imagined. 

The fact that this is my life, still catches me by surprise! 

I wish you and I were sitting together on my big couch drinking hot chocolate. If we were, I would tell you my story and you would start to understand why it’s so incredible to think that I’m getting to write you this letter today. I’m just not supposed to be here in so many ways and yet, I am.

I wish I had the talents to express all that I feel, but I will have to settle for two words and I hope that you will be able to feel to some degree how profoundly I wish to convey them… 


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to inspire your journey. I will do everything I can to not only deserve, but continually earn this honor as well. 

I couldn’t let this week of Thanksgiving go by without telling you how truly grateful I am for you!

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  1. That was some of your most beautiful writing, Leah. Be blessed this holiday! *hugs*

  2. Brandi Corriveau says:

    Well Leah, I’m thankful for all of the love and effort you put into your business and your willingness to share with the rest of the world!

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