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Go4Pro Photos is dedicated to inspiring your journey as a professional photographer BUT how on earth am I supposed to do that if you can’t even get on the website because it’s so slow AND if I’m not feeling inspiring because I don’t love how “I” look. (We’re talking about my website now.)

So I decided to do something about it!

THE DESIGN & BRAND First I hired the very best designer available (Laura Kathryn) and had her completely redesign the Go4Pro Brand! I told her everything I wanted it to be like, feel like, think like and do and said, “go!”.  Now I have a new logo, new website, new brand…I’m even getting new stationary! The whole process with Laura has been amazing! She first redesigned my brand for Leah Remillét Photography, now Go4Pro’s Brand and next you’ll see what she’s currently working on with The Thriving Photographer™ Brand. I can’t say enough great things about Laura… If you want an amazing brand, she’s the answer! 

 Next was the trouble of slow. I tested my website (you can test your site’s speed here) and found out we were running SLOWER than 85% of the websites that had been tested. That’s a no-go. So after talking with my web-guy and doing some serious research. We decided to switch my hosting over from the old company to a fairly new up and coming hosting company called Pressable (who specializes only in WordPress and making them way faster). I’m now ranking 82% FASTER than all sites that have been tested and that’s with video and a ton of content!

So now I’m excited to reveal my new gorgeous & faster website! Take a peak around, let me know what you think and I’d LOVE to hear if you’re noticing considerable speed improvement!

New Go4Pro Site



  1. amy says:

    You call this “branding”?? I hope you didn’t pay a lot for this.

    • Hi Amy, I sure do call it “branding” and I love it! Isn’t it awesome that we can all have our own style? I wanted a simple and spunky vibe where I could have everything else be the voice of my brand and I love what I’ve got to work with now.

  2. Kari Lewis says:

    LOVE the new look! It’s so clean, chic, and user-friendly. That designer is incredible and so ahead of her field. Looks like my business is due for a Laura Kathryn overhaul! I absolutely love this.

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