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Starting is the Hard Part

Goals…Dreams…Plans…How do we transform what can sometimes feel like nothing more than a wish, into our personal reality?

This past weekend I was so incredibly honored to get to be a speaker for The Chic Retreat in Seattle, WA (I’ll write a full post with tons of pics and behind the scenes secrets on Wednesday). On the last night several of the girls and I went out for pho (my first time having Pho – Vietnamese noodle soup). Anywho…as we sat around the table talking, one of the girls asked me if I was surprised to be where I was today in my business.

Surprised, isn’t even a big enough word. 

Chir Retreat Photography Dinner

Often I catch myself in moments where I can’t even rationalize or fathom or believe that this is my reality. I told the girls about this moment that I can remember so clearly – I was sitting on the edge of our bed talking to my husband. We were living in our little red duplex back then. He was a full time grad student and I was just starting the idea of my photography business. Filled with delight and hope I said, “could you imagine if I could bring in $1000 a month?? I really think I can do it!”

Well, I did do it and then I set my aspirations higher and higher.  I can remember several years back saying, “Could you imagine if I could bring in 6 figures?? I really think I can do it!” And then I did it.

As I look back at all of these aspirations that seemed so crazy at first, I realize that the crucial moment took place when I took THE FIRST STEP. Just deciding to start and taking that first step is what creates the momentum we need to move in the direction of our dreams. It’s that simple and that difficult!

Just imagine what could be possible for you, if you started today.  You’d already be a whole lot closer than you were yesterday. 

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  1. Meghan G says:

    Leah – this is so great to remember! A phrase I have heard many times is “Just Begin.” I’ve heard it from people who have encouraged me in life and also I’ve heard it inside my head. Those were the words I heard in my head last week when I decided to walk into my boss’ office and turn in my 2-week resignation. I’m no where near prepared to do this when one looks at my bookings or financials. But I knew that if I didn’t do it, then I might not ever. It was like ripping off the old band-aid. Having a salaried job was my reason to slack on invoicing and marketing my business. Well, that’s going to end now. I honestly have no idea what I am doing but it’s time to “Just Begin!” I’m excited Leah, to share with you what happens along this road – it could get a little bumpy but it will be worth the effort.

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