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I’m so excited to be sharing the home office space of Sabrina from Pink Little Notebook.  I am in love with her big striped wall, storage functionality and the overall beauty of her work space!  

Creating a work environement you love will have benefits reaching far past great images for Instagram. When you have a space you love it shows in your productivity! Below is a little inspiration that might help get your office revitalized. 

Sabrina’s office goes from drab to fab and I think you’ll agree, the results are pretty spectacular.
 homeoffice-1    shelves



What was the most important thing you wanted to achieve in your workspace?
I’ve always dreamed of having a home office that was both chic and functional.  I converted one of our empty bedrooms into a workspace that I can call my own!  With lots of feminine touches, soft colors and a huge work surface, it definitely satisfies my every need.

How did you begin to create the concept for your office re-design?
With any design I do, I start with one piece that inspires me and I kind of just go crazy from there. I love combining different styles together and I believe in no rules. In this case, I found a great desk unit that someone was selling online. I repainted it with an unexpected color and the rest was history!

How did you find the items for your office? (New, re-purposed, garage sales?)
I bought the desk off Kijiji (the Canadian version of craigslist), the chandelier and some frames where second hand purchases from my local thrift store that needed a little DIY love. The rest of the accessories came from either Home Sense or Ikea.

What’s your #1 Tip for an Office Makeover
It’s important to have a space that appeals to your senses, not only will you work harder but you will be happier! Think of your current work space and consider things that you could change in order to make your space a place you craved instead of dreaded.

Check out Sabrina’s Blog for more amazing design ideas and before and after photos that might inspire you to revamp other rooms besides your office space.



  1. McCall Doyle says:

    This is absolutely beautiful. You should check out Virginia photographer Katelyn James…from the way you’ve decorated your office space, I think you’d fall in love with her interior design AND her incredible photography. 🙂

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