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Top Tips, Tricks & Tools – featuring Leslie Kerrigan

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The Wednesday features continue! This time with Leslie Kerrigan of Seniorologie and fellow speaker, for The Luxe Workshop coming to Palm Springs in October (will you be joining us?)! After you’ve checked out our Luxe Senior Shootout, jump into Leslie‘s top 3 tips, tricks and tools!!

top tricks

1. To get a non-smiling look from your senior client without them looking angry, have them part their lips just slighting and breathe through their mouth.  It keeps them from pursing their lips together and having them breathe in when you are taking a shot is so Tyra Banks and America’s Next Top Model! 🙂

2. To get variety in all your poses and composition of shots, make sure to run through this in your head…horizontal, vertical, 3/4, closeup and full-length.  I tend to be heavy on the verticals so I am constantly reminding myself to do the other varieties so that I end up with a lot of different shots to show my clients.

3.  Watch your seniors when you are talking to them in between shots and when you are demonstrating a pose.  Often, just by watching and paying attention, you will see a pose that they are doing naturally.  Also watch them when you are specifically posing them because they will do their own twist on that pose and you can stop them right there.  Doing something natural to them will look better on camera and they will feel confident and comfortable.



top tips

1.  Research your market!  Do the research and find out all you can about your area and how they handle senior photos.  Look at the high schools in your area and check out their websites.  Gather information that will help you when marketing to your specific area instead of doing something another photographer does across the country! Do what works for you and your market!

2.  Get to know your seniors before their sessions.  This will allow you to get to know them and they you before you put that camera in their face.  Everything about the session will go more smoothly and your will get the best out of your senior at the shoot!

3.  Don’t forget the details!  Senior sessions can have detail shots too and they will help tell the story of that senior. Whether you take a photo of the seniors favorite necklace or you capture some of the environment where the session took place, take a few photos to add with the photos of the senior to tell the story of that senior’s session.

LHK_2214 copy
LHK_1899 copy

top tools

1.  Nikon D700 – without my camera, I couldn’t do my job.  It allows me to capture my clients images perfectly.

2.  85 mm 1.4 Nikon Lens.  This is the perfect portrait lens for shooting seniors.  I love it for its sharpness while providing the perfect bokeh!

3.  I actually have two tools that I take in addition to my camera equipment…Stepladder and Hunter Boots!! The stepladder is perfect because I am short and a lot of my seniors are tall.  A step ladder helps me shoot from different angles that I wouldn’t normally be able to shoot if I didn’t have it. Make sure to purchase one that is lightweight and has a big handle so you can slip it over your shoulder as if it were a purse!  Easy to carry allows you to be able to take it anywhere you shoot! Hunter Boots – I like to shoot in fields as many photographers do.  But I hate to step into tall grass without something that keeps me safe.  Hunter boots allow me to stomp down tall grass, make sure its safe for my seniors and keep my feet from stepping on anything unwanted! 🙂

LHK_2712 copy


The Luxe Workshop is heading to Palm Springs and this is an event that you don’t want to miss!!!! Oh yeah! Take advantage of the payment plan option and register early, Luxe in Las Vegas sold out.

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