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The Thriving Photographer™ is Back! (I can’t believe this is my life)

Everyone deserves to have that moment when you catch yourself thinking, ‘I can’t believe this is my life!’ If you haven’t had yours (or one recent enough) then read all the way to the bottom – you may have just found the doorway that will bring you yours!  

I feel so overwhelmingly BLESSED to have found myself experiencing such a thought over and over these last couple years. I attribute the majority of these blissful moments to the incredible success I am so blessed to have enjoyed through The Thriving Photographer™ business training program.

Thrive originally launched in 2012, since that day, I have had the honor of witnessing results taking place all over the world that (I’ll admit) have even astounded me. I remember the first time someone emailed me asking if this program would work internationally. I honestly couldn’t say for sure and just admitted that I’d never seen it tried but that I believed that these principles were universal and that they would. Today we have Thrivers in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, Finland, Spain, Japan, Oman, Germany, Ireland, England, South Africa, Israel … I’ve had BIG, ‘I can’t believe this is my life’ moments!


2013 Shay Cochrane

Over the last two years, we surveyed, tracked, pulled data and painstakingly followed along and watched as photographers implemented the Thrive Experience business-model and saw their sales go up, their client experience go up and their personal expectation for what was possible…go up. To even be typing these words feels surreal! It has been my great honor and a privilege to play a role in hundreds and hundreds of photographer’s success… It is one of the greatest blessings and accomplishments of my life!

With all that data we’d collected, I knew I could take this great program and make it even more amazing and so, I set out to do just that. It has been over a year in the works… Everything was scrutinized and examined, could we improve on it?If the answer was yes, then we stopped at nothing to accomplish it. In fact I even took Thrive away completely for the last 3 months! 

Today, I am THRILLED to tell you that The Thriving Photographer™ is back!

I’ve created more in depth trainings for the entire audio portion, we had all the templates professionally designed by Laura Kathryn, revamped and styled the Thrive-Sheets (your active business plan), created an 8 week schedule outline so that you can fully implement Thrive in 2 months time, added new bonuses, an entire folder dedicated to organization and we finished it all off with a brand spank’n new website! 

Thrive Page Layouts

This journey, to bring The Thrive Program to the next level has come with laughter, tears, anxiety, gratitude and  more tears in-between. We (me, my team and Laura-Kathryn) have put in countless hours to give you the absolute best business training program available for professional photographers. We stopped at nothing to give you more value, more insights, more knowledge.

Ultimately, my dream is to empower you to realize what’s possible not only in your business but also for you life through The Thriving Photographer™. 

I would LOVE to invite you to GO EXPLORE the all new Thriving Photographer™ site designed by the incredibly talented Laura Kathryn. Check out the intro chapter of Thrive (for free). Read and watch the transformation stories and see for yourself what’s happening with The Thrive Revolution! 

Thriving Photographer Stats



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